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Investing in Indian Hemp


Finances for the most part come from private investors seeking to develop Indian hemp breeding aimed at the production of finished products from hemp raw materials.

The Indian Industrial Hemp Association (IIHA) has big plans, as it recently announced an investment of $ 150 million to grow cannabisa in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, said IIHA President Rohit Sharma. Financial resources will be used to create a base for research, improvement of the regulatory framework, as well as other initiatives that contribute to the revival of cannabis production - with an emphasis on sustainable innovative development that will increase employment in the industry of farmers and breathe new life into the local economy. Finances for the most part come from private investors seeking to develop Indian hemp breeding aimed at the production of finished products from hemp raw materials.

In 2017, IIHA received a license to grow industrial crops of technical hemp on an experimental basis in the state of Uttarakand, where for the first time a plant was commercially grown in 1958.

“We are in dialogue with farmers, looking for opportunities to rent land from agricultural producers and offer new perspectives that ultimately help their family business survive,” says one IIHA employee. The above investments in the cultivation of industrial crops of technical hemp will not only contribute to the economic growth of the whole country, but also give farmers confidence in the future.

Currently, within the framework of the pilot program at IIHA, local cannabis varieties are being studied, generating valuable data about them, as well as their potential for growing plants commercially. Collected samples in northern India (in the Kashmir region) contain less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is consistent with generally accepted international standards.

In addition to the state of Utterakanda, they plan to engage in cannabis production in the state of Maharashtra, where the interested parties hope to launch their own program of growing and processing technical hemp. Meanwhile, the Association continues to work on the regulatory support of the cannabis industry, cooperating with the government towards creating prerequisites for the development of various sectors of the cannabis industry, justifying the development of Indian national standards for the content of TGCs.

The Association recently proposed a 1.5% TGC limit, including a large number of national varieties in the “acceptable list”, which are more adapted for cultivation in India, but do not correspond to the global percentage of THC. While most of the world is targeting 0.3% TGCs for low-narcotic cannabis, some countries have already adopted the TGC standard within 1% (Switzerland), which is in the national interest.

IIHA also creates a seed bank for collection preservation of varieties available in the country. The purpose of the seed bank is not only the preservation of various varieties of industrial varieties, but also a thorough study of the unique cannabinoid profiles.

“We are already working with varieties that have more than 15% cannabidiol (CBD / CBD). Varieties that contain the maximum amount of CBD, cannabichromen (CBC) or cannabinol (CBN) are being investigated. There are unique local varieties in which there is only one cannabinoid, or one cannabinoid, the predominant number, and the other in an extremely small amount, ”- says the president of the Indian Association of cannabis.

“Creating such a collection is important because the future is not only cannabidiol content. Maybe after some time you will need unique varieties with the simultaneous content of different cannabinoids in the required ratio. This work will allow us to create special varieties to meet different production needs. For these technologies, the future, work of this kind will take time, but we need to start it now, ”the Association says. When there is enough evidence on how individual cannabinoids affect the endocannabinoid system, Indian specialists will be able to coordinate their activities and launch projects to create the most sought-after varieties.

Commentary of the Association "Ukrainian industrial hemp"

Indian Industrial Hemp Association is a consortium of various commercial companies, research institutions, and public structures that interact with government agencies, creating a national model for the development of the industry of cannabisation. IIHA actively interacts with a wide range of government organizations (ministries, departments), coordinating their efforts in the field of hemp and establishing successful interaction between various government agencies.

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