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Indian Hemp Industry Growth Trends


Given the urgent need of Indian hemp breeders for high-quality seed material , as well as hemp plant processing technologies , it makes sense for Ukrainian profile companies to take a closer look at the huge rapidly developing Indian market.

The pages of the profile electronic publication of Ukrainian hemp breeders have for quite some time focused the attention of our esteemed readers on the huge potential of the “ Hemp industry of India ” and on the significant “ Investments invested in the hemp breeding of the country ”. The history and traditions of Indian hemp breeding date back several thousand years , however, due to the lack of a sufficiently developed regulatory framework, a renaissance of the most highly profitable agricultural crop has been outlined only in the last few years exclusively in several states of the country. Despite this, the Indian marketis extremely promising for Ukrainian hemp breeders , so from time to time we publish materials relating to this particular state. This article concerns the immediate prospects for the development of Indian hemp breeding and those market needs that can be met by Ukrainian technologies , materials or the knowledge of our specialists . 

Despite the fact that in the last few years, several states have regulated cultivation and the ability to process industrial hemp , the development of hemp breeding in India is essentially difficult. Despite this, hemp market experts predict the further development of this sector of the economy in the camp, which is due to a number of objective reasons.

For example, in 2019, sales of hemp seeds in India, as well as their derivatives , increased significantly. Hemp foods are used as dietary supplements aimed at weight loss, as a source of vitamins, essential fatty acids, proteins, etc.

Over the past year, much has been done in order to significantly increase the profitability of specialized enterprises by “launching” capacities for the primary processing of hemp straw / trust and the production of textile and knitwear , biocomposite materials , and hemp pulp . Especially far in the above issues, Indian entrepreneurs have advanced in the field of hemp fabric manufacturing . The basis of this trend is the fact that historically only natural products have been worn on the territory of the country , and the plant's properties make it possible to produce products that are in great demand not only in the domestic market , but also have excellent export potential. 

According to a significant number of Indian technologists working in the light industry , hemp has a number of exclusive properties . The plant has a unique structure that allows the body to breathe easily and effectively "adapt" the hemp product to the external temperature of the air, regardless of whether it is exploited in hot or cold weather. Among other things, hemp fabric for a long period of time has exclusive properties - durability, fire resistance, products from it are easy to clean. In addition, hemp tissue has unique antiseptic, antifungal, antimicrobial properties that are effectively used in the hot climate of the country to combat various types of pathogenic or parasitic organisms. 

According to a number of analysts in the Indian agricultural market, hemp is better than cotton and a significant advantage of the plant is that it helps the environment by reducing the carbon footprint during its cultivation and processing . For example, a hemp plant doubles more than any other plant uses carbon dioxide, processing it into oxygen. Another significant advantage of hemp is the fact that it is a rapidly growing plant (almost a weed), which consumes significantly less water than cotton, and does not require herbicides, pesticides or transgenic seeds.

Commentary experts of the Association "Ukrainian industrial hemp"

The Indian market is experiencing the development of a number of sectors of modern hemp breeding in those states where the legality of this type of activity is regulated at the level of the regulatory framework . For example, the industry is developing much more actively in the state of Uttarakhand after the relevant law regulating the work with technical hemp was adopted in the territory of the above-mentioned administrative-territorial unit . Given the urgent need of Indian hemp breeders for high-quality seed material , as well as hemp plant processing technologies , it makes sense for Ukrainian profile companies to take a closer look at the huge rapidly developing Indian market. The key point for Ukrainian hemp enterprises is the culture of doing business in this country . Unlike Chinese entrepreneurs, Indian companies do not seek to steal technology or quality seed . Hindus are interested in concluding long-term mutually beneficial contracts , involving a long period of interesting cooperation for all contracting parties. 

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