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How to work in the EU medical cannabis market in anticipation of the overproduction crisis


Rinok of medical hemp in Europe in 2020 rotsi

Licensed European operators already have the ability to produce about 34 tonnes of medical hemp flowers per year, sold as raw materials or products formulated with leaves and inflorescences or cannabinoid extracts. This volume of products grown is already three times higher than the projected demand of European consumers forecasted for the current year.

For the first time, our colleagues from the information and analytical platform Hemp Consulting in the materials prepared within the framework of the article " How the lack of a regulatory framework affects the development of modern hemp growing in Denmark " raised the issue of the crisis of overproduction of hemp raw materials, which have significant therapeutic potential, which will be produced in the near future in Europe. 

 Dynamics of the Global Cannabis Stock Index since 2013

Based on the information provided in the material “What the charts of the Global Hemp Stock Index talk about” stating that since 2018 the “average hospital temperature” of the attractiveness of hemp assets has been decreasing, observing similar trends in North America ( Canada , USA ), as well as individual countries of Europe ( Holland ,  Czech Republic , Germany, Italy), the editors of the specialized electronic edition of Ukrainian cannabis growers asked for more detailed information on this matter from Hemp Consulting specialists. Referring to the commercial secret of the research carried out on this topic in the interests of a specific customer, the data were not provided, however, Hemp Consulting specialists suggested using open sources of information that confirm the data obtained by analysts of the national hemp market. In particular, several studies of foreign companies on this topic and links to Internet resources were provided, which in a concise form demonstrate the current situation in the medical cannabis market in the EU.

In particular, the article “ Trends in the development of the global cannabidiol market ” demonstrated the dynamics of the development of the market for drug-free cannabinoids, including cannabidiol, in the medium term. 

Cannabidiol market growth dynamics

The chart shows that the consumption of products containing drug-free cannabinoids in Europe will grow exponentially until 2022. In the future, the market will reach saturation and its volume will increase, but not as rapidly as it is declared in a number of foreign analytical studies. 

The article “ Analysis of the European medical hemp market ” briefly demonstrated the situation with the use of plants that have significant therapeutic potential in countries located on the European continent.

EU Medical Cannabis Market Chart

Attention was focused on the fact that the medical cannabis market has been developing exponentially for a not very long time, and at the moment about 98% of consumers are concentrated in Germany (73%), Italy (8%), Holland (5%), Austria (5% ), Switzerland (4%) and Denmark (3%). Conditions have been created for the cultivation, processing and sale of raw hemp, which has significant therapeutic potential in Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Spain. In the near future, major projects in this area are “planned to be launched” in Greece, Cyprus, Macedonia, Albania, Malta, Denmark, Luxembourg, as well as a number of other European states.

Medical cannabis market in Europe in 2020

Based on the foregoing (clearly demonstrated above), the question arises that the predicted increase in the supply of hemp raw materials with significant therapeutic properties in the near future in Europe as well as in Canada will significantly exceed demand. In particular, at the moment, licensed European operators already have the ability to produce about 34 tons of medical cannabis flowers per year, sold as raw materials or products, the formulation of which includes leaves and inflorescences or cannabinoid extracts. This volume of products grown is already three times higher than the projected demand of European consumers forecasted for the current year.

Taking into account the projects planned for implementation, the production potential of Europe will exceed 300 tons of therapeutic green mass per year. This will be facilitated by the opening production facilities in Portugal, Spain, Greece, Macedonia, Malta, Denmark, and the Netherlands. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that in spite of the fact that the lion's share of consumers of medical hemp in Europe is concentrated in Germany, this year it is planned to “launch” production facilities in this country very little. German industrialists and entrepreneurs plan to produce about 3 tons of leaves and inflorescences of medical hemp per year in the near future.

Understanding the trends taking place in the market, in the light of the potential oversupply, throughout the end of 2019 - all of 2020. investors are significantly revising the scale of projects in various EU countries aimed at cultivating and processing medical hemp crops.

When planning activities in the field of medical use of the leaves and inflorescences of cannabis, which has significant therapeutic properties, it is necessary to take into account not only the factor of the presence in the EU market of large cannabis companies from North America (primarily from Canada), the rapidly developing market for medical cannabis in China, but also exponentially developing the markets of Australia , Uruguay, as well as Israel, whose enterprises are striving to enter the highly liquid European market, actively working to promote the raw materials and final products grown in their countries.

Commentary by experts of the information and analytical platform Hemp Consulting

In the light of the above information, it is necessary to pay special attention to the conclusions of the pilot programs being developed or already operating in Denmark, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland and France. Despite the fact that within the framework of the above pilot programs, the mechanisms of the functioning of the medical cannabis market in the above European states are planned to test / work out, all of them are aimed at priority attention to hemp plants grown within their countries. Most likely, it is this experience that needs to be put “at the forefront” when considering the issue of amending the current legislation of Ukraine related to the possibility of using hemp for medical purposes. Confirming the information presented in this material, the specialists of the information and analytical platform Hemp Consulting support the initiatives of the Association "Ukrainian Technical Hemp" concerning the provision of an unhindered opportunity to use the leaves and inflorescences of technical hemp for therapeutic purposes by creating an interdepartmental order that will regulate this type of activity on the territory of our country.

Commentary of experts of the Association "Ukrainian technical hemp"

How to work in the EU medical cannabis market, on the eve of the overproduction crisis, what needs to be done to provide permits, as well as what are the application algorithms and legal mechanisms for using the healing / healing properties of therapeutic hemp will be clearly demonstrated during the round table “ The experience of using the therapeutic elements of technical hemp as raw materials for food, cosmetic preparations, biologically active or feed additives ", which is being prepared as part of the training of students of the" Hemp University ", which will be held in the second half of September on the basis of the National University of Bioresources and Environmental Management (NUBiP) of Ukraine ... Among other things, as part of the 5th course of training, students of the "Hemp University" will be presented with the initiatives of the profile association of Ukrainian cannabis growers to amend the current legislation related to the creation of a departmental legal framework regulating the use of "green mass" of hemp plant in industrial purposes by methods excluding extraction.

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