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How in the USA gaps in the current regulatory framework related to hemp are being addressed


Several American specialized public organizations and companies specializing in the use of plants in the field of pet business are actively studying the possibilities and feasibility of feeding farm animals, and in particular poultry, hemp grain , flour , stems, root, leaves and inflorescences, as well as their derivatives .

On the pages of the profile electronic publication of Ukrainian hemp breeders several times described the mechanisms for using technical hemp seeds “ In poultry and livestock ” in Germany , Canada , and Denmark . This material focuses on the interest in using various components of hemp plant , primarily grain of American poultry producers and what actions are being taken on their part in order to commercially establish the production of animal feed andgrain mixtures for their fattening.

Several American specialized public organizations and companies specializing in the work in this field , including the "Coalition feed hemp " ( Hemp A Feed Coalition, HFC) and the "Friends of hemp » (of Friends of Hemp A ) actively engaged in studying the possibilities and feasibility of feeding farm animals and in particular poultry with hemp grain , flour , stems, root, leaves and inflorescences, as well as their derivatives . Representatives of the above-mentioned non-governmental organizations and commercial entities have sent requests to the Office of sanitary supervision over the quality of food products and medicines ( Food Food and Drug Administration, the FDA) of the USA with the request to provide them with the appropriate permissions . 

The absurdity of the situation in the USA is that despite the fact that hemp seeds are used everywhere in the country as a food product , the basis for the production of comet or pharmacological preparations , at the moment hemp grain or products made from it for zoo business (compound feeds, grain mixtures , etc.) are not approved for use as animal feed . 

Realizing the savagery of the situation, the relevant public organizations , as well as the hemp companies of the United States interested in this , initiated a PR company aimed at informing relevant government agencies about this omission in the regulatory framework. According to experts from the American hemp market , a total of 12 to 18 months will be required to regulate this issue, including writing the appropriate regulatory framework and regulating the procedures provided for in it . 

According to one of the HFC activists, despite the fact that there is already a significant number of economically developed countries where hemp is widely used as pet food , in order to officially file documents with the country's regulatory authorities , it will be necessary to test the characteristics of compound feeds , grain mixtures as well as other groups of goods for the zoo business in which hemp grain is planned to be used . Then it will be necessary to present the results of research and work with experts in these areas in order to create test reports for the above mentioned product groups and to "determine the recommended inclusion rate for each item , and the alleged ability to use th hemp grain as part in the formulation ". 

Despite the fact that government officials approve of such initiatives , the procedure itself takes a considerable amount of time. For example, when an initial research proposal is submitted to government agencies , the FDA has 180 days to prepare an answer, and this is just one of the stages of the procedure that officially needs to be completed so that hemp can be officially used in the United States to feed domestic animals on an industrial scale.

Commentary experts of the Association "Ukrainian industrial hemp"

The highlight of this information is the fact that the initiatives of the abovementioned public organizations are based on experiments that have been and are being carried out on this subject by US universities . For example, Colorado State University (Colorado State University ) is currently conducting experiments aimed at studying the characteristics of feeding hemp lambs . Another study on the influence of hemp feed on the development of pig farming is being studied at the University of Minnesota (Minnesota State University ). The University of North Dakota ( University then of North Dakota) held the same kind of experiments related to the feasibility of feeding the various components of hemp plants I have cattle , as well as domestic and ornamental birds .

Our country has some experience of using " Hemp for feeding decorative and song birds ", as well as pets . In the course held in the framework of the " hemp University " round tables " Basic knowledge ", " Nutrition and hemp ", " Use of cannabinoids in the treatment of severe / chronic diseases " Ukrainian cannabis growers share experiences of how you can maximize the use of the various components of the plant , in order to improve the qualitative and quantitative indicators of animals or poultry farmed on an industrial scale or in households . 

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