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How the French approach legislative changes regarding various aspects of modern hemp breeding


At the level of the highest legislative body of France, the concepts of technical / therapeutic / recreational hemp are clearly separated . Based on the understanding of the plant's functions , the  development of the regulatory framework is primarily focused on the need to create conditions for the further development of national production and the formation of an environment in which French companies will operate , providing not only modern products to the domestic market , but also having significant export potential .

In 2019, the pages of the profile electronic publication of Ukrainian hemp breeders repeatedly focused our readers' attention on the activities of French colleagues aimed at creating conditions for the development of new sectors of modern hemp breeding in the country. For example, “ Pilot projects to use the therapeutic properties of hemp in the French Reunion ” were described , as well as “ How and why the French are lobbying for the development of therapeutic hemp varieties of therapeutic orientation, ” emphasized that “ France is about to launch a trial medical program for the use of therapeutic hemp properties”, And for this, the“ Two-year French experiment to study the therapeutic properties of technical hemp ”and“ The hospital of Marseille will test the possibility of using medical hemp ”was initiated . In France, the quantity has grown into quality, so it will be extremely interesting to observe the activities of the parliamentary commission, created specifically to study issues related to modern hemp breeding and at the level of the regulatory framework to ensure the further development and creation of conditions for the export potential of national companies in this business sector. Therefore, this material describes the basics of the presentation formed by the parliamentary commission, created specifically to understand the essence of the problems facing the industry and to develop an effective regulatory framework aimed at creating conditions for the development of the industry and promoting French hemp breeding products on the international market .

Given the fact that over the past few years, almost all economically developed countries of the world have undergone significant changes aimed at providing the regulatory framework of modern hemp breeding , representatives of the French parliament committees on economic issues, social issues, law, finance, affairs culture and education and Sustainable development set up a joint commission information aimed at the study of the problems associated with the need to regulate and make measurable eny legislation concerning the various uses of hemp .

The Parliamentary Information Commission, which over the course of one year of its existence will spend the time needed to study all aspects of modern hemp breeding issues related to public health and safety, economic development or even regional planning, will cover three types of hemp use , as well as study the problems that affect the hemp industry .

At the forefront of the commission's activity is the fact that the hemp industry is one of the oldest in France . It covers various sectors of the economy - from construction and horticulture to the automotive and textile industries . France is a European leader, even if it loses market share due to the increased power of its European neighbors and countries with developing economies , which are actively improving their hemp production for other purposes, which have strong positions in certain sectors of health , food , cosmetics , liquids for electronic cigarettes , etc.

• Technical hemp: refers to everyday foods ( food additives , herbal teas , cosmetics , e-liquids , etc.) that have soothing properties that are not intended for medical use . Technical hemp is a plant that does not have a psychotropic effect and is not classified as a narcotic. At the moment, despite the fact that the European Union allows the free movement of products and products made on the basis of technical hemp, the regulatory framework partially hinders their production , not allowing the subjects of the national economy ( producers , distributors, creators of new products , farmers or specialized laboratories ) to develop the above sector of management , which would correspond to the prevailing realities of the international market .

• Therapeutic hemp : a specialized committee within the framework of the work of the National Agency for Occupational Safety, Health and Sanitation (Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament et des Produits de Santé) has given its final opinion in favor of the feasibility of conducting experiments to treat five specific diseases , even before that until the time comes to make any generalizations on the topic related to the use of the therapeutic properties of hemp . Law No. 2019-1446 of December 24, 2019 on financing social security for 2020 regulated such experiments for two years, starting January 1, 2020. In addition to conducting the studies provided for by the above normative legal act, the following tasks are set before the state structures of France :

- the creation of the French industry associated with the use of the therapeutic properties of hemp ;

- providing access to quality medical products based on the therapeutic properties of hemp ;

creating conditions to support and ensure the security of the functioning of this business sector in France with a view to ensuring its sustainable development

• Recreational hemp: applies to substances such as marijuana (hemp leaf) or hashish (cannabis resin) that are prohibited by the current regulatory framework. According to the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction, the French are the first users of the above substance in Europe , it is therefore necessary to establish the impact of vegetable raw materials in the French society, mainly on health and safety, as well as the economic situation in the country in order to calculate the consequences of the evolution of legislation ensuring the functioning of the above sector of the hemp industry in other countries .

The task of the commission is to establish facts, as well as to propose a list and consider issues related to various uses of hemp (therapeutic, technical and recreational) in the modern hemp industry. Her work will be based on a review of the situation in countries that have regulated the various uses of hemp within the European Union and in the international arena , particularly in North America . The parliamentary commission should publish the first results of its activities in the second half of 2020.

Commentary experts of the Association "Ukrainian industrial hemp"

An example for Ukrainian hemp growers , the general public, as well as government officials working in the field of modern hemp breeding is that the concepts of technical / therapeutic / recreational hemp are clearly separated at the level of the highest legislative body in France . Based on the understanding of plant functions , the  development of the regulatory framework is primarily focused on the need to create conditions for the further development of national production and the formation of an environment in which French companies will operate that provide not only modern products to the domestic market , but also have significant export potential .

Unfortunately, in our country, the approach of state structures to hemp business is significantly different from the economically developed countries of the world . Instead of studying best practices and creating conditions for the development of various sectors of the national hemp industry , Ukrainian non-professionals occupying positions in government agencies responsible for this sector of business currently adhere to the vicious tactics of “no topic, no problem”. Hence the absurd, prohibitive norms that are not conditioned by anything that regularly “emerge” from the bowels of the law enforcement system, and the unwillingness to understand the essence of what is happening on the hemp market . What is most sad, this kind of unprofessionalism traditionally leads to the destruction of national production and the inability to control the effects of exports of the majority of its “garbage” products from hemp , supplied at inadequate prices to Ukraine , considered by foreign companies for the most part as a stock of all indecent that cannot be sold for market of economically developed countries .  

Composition of the commission “On the study of issues related to the need for regulation and amendments to the legislation relating to various uses of hemp ” 

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