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How the experience of the Republic of Mali may be of interest to national hemp breeders


Coat of arms of the Republic of Mali

Following the adoption of Decision No. 0231 / MSPC-SG of February 25, 2020 on the cancellation of permission to grow , process and sell technical hemp in Mali , hemp breeding was virtually destroyed .

Legislative support for hemp breeding Mali ( historical aspect )

In accordance with the Geneva Convention on Narcotic Drugs, which was also ratified by the Republic of Mali, decision No. 141 / MSPC-SG dated February 28, 2017 allowed the cultivation of industrial hemp industrial crops in the country, subject to compliance with the licensing requirements for this type of activity . According to the provisions of the above regulatory legal act , in the country it became possible to cultivate hemp plants , the amount of the controlled substance in which did not exceed 0.2%. Decision No. 2018-249 / MSPC-SG amended the existing legal framework of the country, according to whichof therapeutic hemp varieties of a therapeutic nature, it became possible to extract drug-free cannabinoids, subject to compliance with procedures prescribed specifically for this . 

The realities of hemp underdeveloped countries

Based on the licensing conditions adopted by the state structures of the Republic of Mali, enterprises specializing in industrial hemp breeding should have been regularly checked by law enforcement and regulatory authorities in order to ensure compliance with the relevant regulations prescribed in the above licensing conditions . In the course of inspections initiated by representatives of law enforcement bodies, technical officers of the Security Department of the Ministry of Security and Civil Protection of Mali found violations that became the basis for preparing a submission from the above Ministry to the Government of Mali aimed at canceling previously adopted legal documents and curtailing any business in the country associated with modern hemp breeding . Based on the above presentation, the government adopted decision No. 0231 / MSPC-SG of February 25, 2020 on the abolition of the cultivation , processing , as well as sales of any hemp products , i.e. Decision No. 0231 / MSPC-SG of February 25, 2020 repealed the provisions of the first two of the above decisions. After the adoption of document No. 0231 / MSPC-SG of February 25, 2020 on the cancellation of permission to grow , process and sell technical hemp in Mali , hemp breeding was virtually destroyed . Moreover, at the moment there is a situation in the country in which any citizen of Mali, a foreigner or a stateless person, in the event that he has any hemp plant components ( grain , fiber , root ) can be prosecuted. 

Commentary experts of the Association " Ukrainian industrial hemp "

The inertia of the thinking of law enforcement officers who adhere to the position “there is no topic, there is no problem” is characteristic of the third world countries. After the adoption of a resolution lobbied by the Association’s specialists, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, according to which in 2012 the protection was removed from industrial hemp crops (the cost of which in some cases reached up to 80% of the cost of the final product ), Ukrainian “servants in uniform” for several more years “ frightened ” national hemp breeders with the opportunity to“ return everything to the ass ”and achieve the resumption of mandatory protection. After the next resolution of the CMU adopted in 2016 ( participation in lobbying of certain provisions in which the Association’s specialists actively took part ), any restrictions on enterprises that specialize in industrial hemp breeding in our country were removed . In fact, a situation was created in which “the werewolves in uniform who receive their salaries from our taxes" lost the feeder, with which they "removed financial shavings" for a long time. In 2018, only a departmental order (which contradicts several resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers at once), the cops again introduce their invented restrictions, which on the one hand significantly hinder the development of modern hemp breeding in Ukraine , on the other hand, allow them to “ extort from business entities ” something that is not provided for by any regulatory legal acts financial remuneration. The Association has already learned how to solve this issue , which is confirmed by the “brave policemen” who won the cases won in the courts and were punished for their illegal actions. However, this issue needs to be addressed not by prosecuting perpetrators of a deliberately criminal order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but directly by those who lobbied for its signing by various government agencies. 

Given the absurdity of the situation in Mali, when even the identified violations led to the destruction of the entire hemp industry in the country, it can be argued that the adoption in Ukraine of a legal framework that even regulates the use of hemp for medical purposes will encounter the venality of “sovereign servants in uniform” and the writing of by-laws or departmental acts "for themselves . Including, therefore, it makes sense to put in order the current regulatory framework regulating the possibility of cultivating therapeutic hemp for industrial purposes and to provide a legal opportunity for citizens of our country not to go to pharmacies for a capsule, in which there are leaves and inflorescences that have a significant therapeutic effect for sky-high price, and grow hemp plants with great therapeutic properties in your garden or infield, especially since the current legislation in Ukraine allows this to be done on absolutely legal grounds .

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