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How Dutch hemp growers lobby for changes to existing legislation


Celebrating the company's 25th anniversary at the Oude Pekela primary processing plant

If regulatory legal acts permitting to work with leaves and inflorescences of technical hemp are not created , the emphasis in the further development of production capacities will be made abroad. Those. the development of Romanian hemp breeding will become a priority area of ​​financial investments of the founders of the Dutch company.

The leadership of the Dutch company HempFlax invited the Minister of Agriculture of the country Cornelia Johann (Carola Schouten) to visit the production facilities of the enterprise in connection with the celebration of the 25th anniversary of its activities. However, the head of the relevant ministry was not invited to celebrate the quarter-century anniversary of the enterprise. The farmers of the Netherlands directly “on the field” (in the production premises of the plant) clearly demonstrated to the head of the country's agricultural department the problems of the industry explaining why the cannabis farming in the Netherlands is uncompetitive in comparison with similar economic sectors that are actively developing in other EU countries .

In particular, according to a representative of HempFlax, “From the moment the company began to work, enormous resources are required to convince government officials that hemp is not a drug, but an extremely highly profitable crop. In fact, so far the state has not created the conditions for the normal cultivation of industrial hemp. ”

According to other cannabis growers participating in the event “The laws and regulations in force in the Netherlands are not suitable for the modern hemp industry. For example, in accordance with the still existing Opium Decree (Opiumwetbesluit), farmers in the Netherlands are allowed to grow cannabis exclusively for fiber and seed production , and the extremely highly profitable “ green mass ” of the plant from which drug-free cannabinoids can be extracted remains in the field. This situation is extremely painful for the economic performance of Dutch companies that use not only raw materials grown in the country, but also import it from Germany . This especially affects the Romanian branch of HempFlax. Despite the fact that in Romania it is allowed to process leaves and inflorescences of industrial hemp , extremely cost-effective raw materials from 900 ha of cultivated crops are not actually used.

According to the representative of HempFlax “According to the norms of the current legislation, it is forbidden in the Netherlands to collect leaves and flowers of industrial hemp for their further use. At the same time in Germany , as well as Romania, we can process the resulting raw materials from all over the plant. Therefore, the Netherlands has a serious competitive disadvantage compared to a number of EU countries that regulated the use of technical hemp leaves and inflorescences . Considering the high cost of land lease and the substantial financial resources that were not received due to the inability to use the entire crop yield, this situation puts the growers in the country in need of overcoming the artificially created competitive advantage from other EU growers . ”

According to the leadership of the Dutch company HempFlax “Production facilities in the village of Oude Pekela are“ the heart of the Dutch  equipment for primary processing of hemp, ”however, if regulations are not created that allow working with leaves and inflorescences of industrial hemp , the emphasis in the further development of production capacities will be made abroad. Those. the development of Romanian hemp breeding will become a priority area of ​​financial investments of the founders of the Dutch company HempFlax ”.

According to Dutch cannabis growers participating in the event organized by HempFlax, the minister’s visit can lead to the removal of obstacles that prevent the modern cannabis growing in the Netherlands from developing . In particular, according to one of those present, “Technical hemp is such a universal crop that its use does not involve waste, and all that is produced from a plant can be reused in the future without affecting environmental pollution. If the legal framework permits the use of the green mass of the plant, the profitability of hemp breeding in the Netherlands will double. ”

Commentary of the Ukrainian Technical Hemp Association

The production company HempFlax was established in 1994 by the Dutch entrepreneur Ben Dronkers in the village of Oude Pekela (province of Groningen). The company in the Netherlands has 30 employees. Since 2012, another plant owned by Mr. Dronkers has been operating in Romania , with 15 people engaged in production activities. G Labor primary processing HempFlax companies produce raw materials for furniture (table tops, seats for chairs), automotive and pulp and paper industry ; hemp bonfire is used as dry closets for zoo business, mulching gardens, the basis of insulation materials actively used in construction .

The problems of the Dutch are exactly the same as those faced by farmers in Ukraine . What changes need to be made to the current legislation of our country so that agricultural producers of Ukraine can use the leaves and inflorescences of technical hemp of therapeutic orientation as efficiently as possible during the Hemp University , the next training of students in which will be held from December 16-17. During the round table " The use of cannabinoids in the treatment of severe / chronic diseases " it will be demonstrated how exactly therapeutic therapeutic hemp leaves and inflorescences can be used as tasty and healthy food , biologically active or feed additives , as well as the basis of a new line of products brought to the market Ukrainian cosmetic preparations . 

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