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How are the largest hemp processing facilities in the United States


A competent investor orders equipment for processing hemp straw / trusts exclusively from trusted manufacturers , the reliability of the equipment of which is confirmed by the years of its operation , as well as an impeccable reputation. Large financial investments in the United States are not only invested in production facilities aimed at exploiting the therapeutic properties of hemp plants . American investors are focusing on the fact that hemp is also a dead crop, which implies its most effective use for the manufacture of textile and knitwear , and, among other things, the production of hemp pulp extremely popular on the market .

In December 2019, the attention of our readers was already focused on the pages of the profile electronic publication of Ukrainian hemp breeders that “ In the United States, the development of a project for the construction of a plant for the production of fiber and cellulose from hemp raw materials was announced for the first time .” Thus, Panda Biotech first appeared on the American hemp market and therefore its activities are monitored by experts at the Hemp Consulting information and analytical platform . Taking into account the joint work of specialists of profile association Ukrainian growers and the information-analytical site Hemp Consulting for amending the relevant decree the Cabinet of Ukraine , removing absurd administrative barriers hampering the development of capabilities for the processing of hemp straw / trusts on the territory of our country , the editors of our magazine were invited experts Hemp Consulting to analyze the criteria according to which a sane investor decides on the order of Dekort equipment katsii . This material gives a brief description of the American project and concludes that it was the basis for the decision to finance the creation of the corresponding production capacity for processing hemp straw / trust .

Panda Biotech, based in Dallas, has signed a contract with an international manufacturer of equipment for the processing of hemp straw / trusts in the construction of the largest in the US factory for processing plants . Decorticator capacity of 10 tons / hour is the heart of one of the two production chains , ordered to create the largest industrial enterprise for the processing of hemp in the United States . The above production mechanism has already been paid for and is in production.

It is expected that at full production two lines of decortication allow processing hemp raw materials to produce high-quality hemp fiber and cellulose , allowing agricultural producers in Texas, specializing in the cultivation of industrial crops industrial hemp , in addition to earn about $ 30 million. Per year.

According to Scott Evans, Executive Vice President of Panda Biotech, “After carefully checking and achieving experimentally encouraging results on hemp fiber processed on the standard version of the decortication line , we were able to confirm that this equipment is suitable for our business models . " 

The first decorator is currently in production and, according to the business plan, should be produced at the end of 2020. The company management expects that the partial operation of the manufactured equipment will begin in the first quarter of 2021, and the installation will be fully commissioned in the first half of the year. That is why the managers of Panda Biotech will conclude contracts with agricultural producers already for the growing season of 2021.

According to the developed business plan , Panda Biotech management expects that the production of the second decorator will begin after the installation of equipment on the first production line is completed . This will increase the maximum throughput capacity of hemp production to 176 thousand tons of industrial hemp per year and will become reserve capacities that will enable the company to work reliably around the clock (after installation, the maximum capacity of each line will be 88,000 tons per year).

Commentary experts of the Association " Ukrainian industrial hemp "

Leading mechanical engineers at Panda Biotech conducted a study that found the right equipment and assessed the possibility of increasing the capacity for processing hemp straw / trust to the required textile quality . The basis for the acquisition of steel processing equipment :

reputation of the enterprise ;

- the size of the market occupied by the company's equipment in this particular production segment ;

reliability of previously manufactured equipment , which has been proven for decades of its operation .

Only after the manufacturer of the decortication equipment was determined to meet the above requirements , did Panda Biotech employees, together with the engineers of the manufacturing company, begin work aimed at increasing the production capacity of the ordered decorticator and, accordingly, the entire line of manufactured equipment . 

It should be noted that in projects in which the experts of the Hemp Consulting information and analytical platform participated, investors from Lithuania , Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation , the USA , Ukraine , and also other countries initially consider exclusively the companies that correspond to the above-mentioned hemp equipment to be manufacturers of hemp equipment criteria.

This information allows us to draw the following conclusions :

- a competent investor orders equipment for the processing of hemp straw / trusts exclusively from trusted manufacturers , the reliability of the equipment of which is confirmed by the years of its operation , as well as an impeccable reputation;

- Large financial investments in the United States are invested not only in production facilities aimed at exploiting the therapeutic properties of hemp plants . American investors focus on the fact that hemp is including dead crops , which implies its most effective use for the manufacture of textile and knitwear , and, among other things, the production of hemp pulp, which is extremely popular on the market .

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