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Hemp University - fourth graduate


In 2020, at least a grade of industrial hemp therapeutic orientation "Mriya" on the Ukrainian market goes private breeding company " Breeding Center hemp " (the main beneficiary - the breeder-growers, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences Layko Irina).

From December 16 to 17, on the basis of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Continuing Education and Tourism of the National University of Bioresources and Nature Management of Ukraine (Kiev), events within the framework of the “ Hemp University ” were again held , as a result of which 25 students received state-certified “Certificates” , meeting the qualification requirements stipulated by the current legislation for business entities specializing in hemp .

According to the results of the event, it makes sense to focus on certain points:

- in Lithuania about 9 thousand hectares of plants are grown , more than half of the crops, technical hemp of a therapeutic nature , the “green mass” of which is exported to Europe for future medical use ;

Lithuanian hemp breeding has substantially lost its position after, for reasons beyond the control of Lithuanian hemp breeders , there are no breeders in the country who are capable of maintaining and, moreover, creating new varieties of technical hemp . Understanding their dependence on seed provided by European companies, Lithuanians , among others, rely on private breeding companies in Ukraine ;

- in 2020, at least with a grade of industrial hemp therapeutic orientation "Mriya" on the Ukrainian market goes private breeding company " Center of cannabis breeding " (the main beneficiary - the breeder-growers, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences Layko Irina);

US students present remotely at training (the Hemp University audience provides an opportunity to participate in training using modern means of transmitting information) are extremely interested in concluding agreements for the supply of seed material to the most developed country in the world . In addition, American hemp growers are ready to negotiate on the creation of special varieties of technical hemp with distinct properties that will be used in various areas of modern hemp breeding in North America ;

- taking into account the hype observed among national hemp breeders around the certificate received by students in the framework of the “ Hemp University ”, as well as in matters related to the use of therapeutic hemp (including registration of the first cannabidiol-rich variety in Ukraine ), the need for an International Conference in within the framework of the “ Hemp University ” on the topic of using the therapeutic properties of plants for industrial purposes in March-April 2020;

- in accordance with the agreements reached, the next training of students in the framework of the “ Hemp University ” will be held in March - April 2020. The highlight of the second day of the event may be the International conference “Hemp breeding 2020”;

- based on the results of the above round table , specialists from the Ukrainian Association of Ukrainian hemp breeders will initiate a question before the central executive authorities and our country's administration about the need to adopt a joint order of several departments regulating the manufacture and sale of food , cosmetics , dietary supplements and feed additives , other headings , extremely rich beznarkoticheskimi cannabinoids ;

- taking into account the registration of the first therapeutic hemp variety in Ukraine with huge therapeutic properties in order to strengthen the position of the Ukrainian Technical Hemp association A and demonstrate interest in solving this issue by national business entities specializing in the cultivation and processing of technical hemp , students , as well as the participants in the round table signed a petition aimed at ensuring that state structures intensify their work bot on the creation of a departmental regulatory framework that provides the ability to use leaves and inflorescences of at least technical hemp varieties "Mriya" for industrial purposes .

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