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Hemp therapy for pets


Analysts talk about the possibility of using the properties of hemp plants on the market of pet supplies , which, for example, estimated the American Association for animal products (American Pet Products Association) is estimated at $ 72 billion.

Taking into account the general tendency to use the therapeutic properties of hemp for healing or treating people, some companies are already selling a certain range of products with various plant components intended for use in pet care . In particular, the following groups of products appeared on the market containing a small amount of drug-free cannabinoids: 

pet products (primarily feed additives );

cosmetics (creams for pets, for example, helping to cope with problems such as arthritis);

- veterinary drugs (helping to cope with anxiety, cramps, pain, etc.);

Other (collars soaked in cannabinoid preparations, etc.).

Despite the fact that some countries of the world are adopting legislation regulating the use of hemp for medical purposes , these regulatory acts mostly concern the possibilities of using the therapeutic properties of a plant for treating primarily people. Often, the possibilities for using the therapeutic properties of hemp in veterinary practice are either not prescribed at all, or are mentioned in passing or if they are formalized at the level of laws and are not regulated by regulations and departmental acts . This in most cases means that the legal consequences for veterinarians using the therapeutic properties of hemp plants to treat pets are not clearly defined. 

Analysts talk about the possibility of using the properties of hemp plants on the market of pet supplies , which, for example, estimated the American Association for animal products (American Pet Products Association) is estimated at $ 72 billion. 

Despite the absence of a regulatory framework governing the use of foreign veterinary drugs, which include drug-free cannabinoids and, accordingly, the possible prosecution in connection with their use in Ukraine by law enforcement officials, some pet owners cannot refrain from acquiring foreign veterinary CBD goods . 

Understanding the artificial problem created by the archaic nature of the current legislation , let us try to systematize the information that is available on veterinary CBD drugs by the feedback of our readers .

The effect of CBD products on animals

It must be understood that the presence of the endocannabinoid system in mammals suggests that the natural cannabinoid oil in our pets will work as well as in humans. Those. The cannabinoids contained in such a product will effectively affect the endocannabinoid system of animals , helping it to regulate all the processes occurring in the body of a pet . Traditionally, CBD oil in veterinary medicine is used as a feed additive in the form of capsules (studies conducted in the USA and France speak about the effectiveness of using CBD oil for pets , in particular dogs and cats).

Among the advantages of CBD oil as a feed additive, our readers note:

•  improvement of the emotional state of the animal (calm, relaxation);

•  establishing easier and healthier digestion;

•  improvement of immunity;

•  relief of chronic pain;

•  improvement of neurological functions of the animal ;

•  comfortable condition of animals during the whole period of their life.

In addition, veterinary CBD drugs help fight many of the health problems that our pets have . For example, their use helps to combat:

•  anxiety and stress (which can lead to annoying behavior);

•  general infections or pain;

•  treatment of severe or chronic diseases;

•  age-related animal problems ;

•  upset gastrointestinal tract and nausea;

•  epileptic seizures;

•  mental problems;

•  oncological diseases.

Alternatives Available

CBD products have many advantages, but a number of disadvantages have been identified during their use. The main disadvantage of CBD products is their cost. If there is a need to find a cheaper alternative, it makes sense to turn to regular hemp oil made from hemp seeds . It contains a significant amount of active ingredients that are extremely beneficial for animals and, like CBD products, can solve a significant number of problems for our pets . Hemp oil may be less effective than CBD oil, however, the systematic nature of its use involves obtaining the desired effect over time. The use of hemp oil is especially effective for pets who have problems with the skin, hair or claws .

The following side effects of the use of CBD products on an ongoing basis in animals have been identified :

•  dry mouth;

•  drowsiness;

•  drop in activity;

•  diarrhea;

•  headaches.

Application and dosage of CBD for animals

CBD animal oil is usually made in the form of drops. Despite the fact that the doses vary among different manufacturers, 1% CBD is often used when there is a need to use these products for preventive purposes . But in case of illness or acute pain, it makes sense to increase the dosage. For example, for very sick animals, you can start with oil containing from 2 to 5% CBD, and then gradually increase this percentage until the desired result is obtained. You can not increase the concentration too quickly to avoid an overdose or the occurrence of side effects that are mentioned above.

CBD products for animals are usually added to feed pets . It is necessary to start with a single dose, and if necessary, increase it to 3 doses per day. As a rule, it is recommended for dogs to give two drops of 1% CBD oil for every 5 kg of weight. However, given the quality and concentration of the drugs, it is necessary to experiment in order to find the ideal dosage for the pet , always increasing the dose gradually.

Features of use

It must be borne in mind that the CBD products for pets show the effect over time. So it makes no sense to increase the dose, for example, of veterinary drugs based on drug-free cannabinoids immediately. It usually takes about three weeks for your pet's digestive system to get used to it. It is recommended that you take a break of several days every three months of use in order to allow the body of the pet to adapt naturally.

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