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Hemp products are actively mastered in the sports market


To get the maximum effect from the consumption of hemp products , it is necessary for each athlete to individually develop a system for consuming a specific hemp product that will contain the optimal level of cannabinoids .

Increasingly, information is confirmed that hemp products positively affect the human body, restoring its systems, including endocannabinoid and immune. In this regard, many active professional athletes, as well as retired athletes, participate in advertising and promoting the consumption of cannabis products , focusing on improving their professional performance and shortening the recovery period after active training or performance . 

Experts have long noticed that in certain doses, drug-free cannabinoids relieve symptoms of pain and nausea, reduce inflammation, and minimize muscle cramps. According to sports doctors, in order to get the maximum effect from the consumption of hemp products , it is necessary for each athlete to individually develop a system for consuming a specific hemp product that will contain the optimal level of cannabinoids . 

More and more companies are entering the American market that are developing new hemp products specifically for athletes , while manufacturers are trying to take into account the characteristics of a particular segment in professional sports, offering the most individual approach. It should be noted that many athletes themselves are actively involved in hemp topics and often become owners of various hemp businesses , consult or invest in the industry .

For example, four-time NBA champion (American National Basketball Association) John Sally became vice president of marketing at Leading Edge Pharmaceuticals and will soon launch his own Deuces 22 cannabis business .

Former NFL (Professional Football League) star Rob Gronkowski launches CBD product line with Abacus Health Products and CBDMedic. Another former basketball player, Jamal Mashburn, served as a consultant on the board of directors of Revolution Global, a cannabis product , and Dutchie's online hemp delivery platform is being developed using significant investments from a major investment company co-founded by NBA star Kevin Durant. 

The importance of choosing a diet with hemp products and its combination with a training program is promoted by former NFL player Ricky Williams, who opened the Power Plant Fitness line of sports complexes . Ricky has developed a special brand training program Cannathlete using a line of hemp products . 

Other athletes who have joined the cannabis industry include NFL legend Joe Montana, who invested in Caliva; Seibo Shen, a jujitsu fighter who founded VapeXhale; basketball player Cliff Robinson with his brand Uncle Cliffy; Al Harrington is also a basketball player with his company Viola Extracts; and former footballer Kyle Turley, who has a product line called Neuro XPF. 

In addition, the number of professional athletes who support the hemp industry is growing, actively promote hemp products and even become the “faces” of some brands. So, the swimmer athlete Amy Van Dyken, who won the Olympic gold medal, collaborates with the network of the hemp brand Kannaway, advertising their products. Another athlete is Megan Rapino, the gold medalist of the Olympic Games, two-time world champion among women in football, not lagging behind her colleagues and is actively cooperating with CBD manufacturers - the company Mendi. 

Demand always forms a supply, and therefore many manufacturers of hemp products that were not oriented to the sports segment of the market are shifting their attention to the sports niche. 

Dixie Elixirs offers its own products for athletes who are primarily focused on cosmetology and hygiene - these are balms, bath products, lotions and much more . These drugs are  offered as an aid to relieve muscle pain, as well as appearing uncomfortable sensations in the joints. They are also touted as being more natural and less harmful to the body than over-the-counter chemicals that have been used extensively in sports for a long time.

Last year, the American company High Performance Beverage Co. announced that it will enter the market for hemp products with a line of high-performance sports drinks with CBD content. The company has entered into an agreement with CaliPharms to guarantee consumers that their drinks will be properly tested and certified as natural and organic.

Tilray signed an agreement this year to supply CBD ingredients for health products with the support of former golfer Greg Norman. At the same time, Canopy Growth acquired a 72% stake in BioSteel Sports Nutrition, aiming to produce unique hemp products for sports . BioSteel produces sports proteins and hydration mixtures that are already used by professional athletes, so it is safe to assume that the merger will accelerate the production of sports drinks and other hemp products , expand the range and “refresh” the marketing strategy of conquering the market.

In America , further growth in the market for hemp products related to sports is expected . Professional athletes are increasingly showing by their own example to society that cannabis products are safer and more effective for restoring and demonstrating the best sports results . Often in sports, athletes have to resort to the use of opioid painkillers to reduce pain syndromes. The dependence on opioid drugs among athletes is quite high, which is a rather big problem in professional sports. This problem can be solved using hemp products , which do not cause such an aggressive dependence, and according to many professional doctors, it is safe enough for humans and natural for the body. 

If athletes and active users of cannabis products today can positively change society’s perception of the plant so that more people see its benefits, including in the sports industry , then in the future there will be huge prospects for this market. Increasingly, in a professional sports environment, calls are made to revise the requirements for cannabis derivatives, as recent scientific studies increasingly prove the safety of the plant and its effectiveness. Naturally, a change in the perception of hemp plants will not happen at once, it takes a lot of time, money and effort, but there is a good chance that the prospects of hemp plants will overcome all barriers and take their rightful place in human life. 

Commentary of the Ukrainian Technical Hemp Association

During the round table “ The use of cannabinoids in the treatment of severe / chronic diseases ”, held as part of the “ Hemp University ”, representatives of Ukrainian sports who have achieved significant sports results using exclusive properties will speak on a separate panel “ Fundamentals of sports results achieved with the help of drug-free cannabinoids ” leaves and inflorescences of technical hemp of a therapeutic orientation in preparation for the championships of various levels. 

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