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Hemp for… face. As a Ukrainian brand of cosmetics subjugates Austrians and French


Our sales in Ukraine have tripled since we launched our line of natural cosmetics based on the therapeutic properties of hemp in 2017. 

We've already written about how hemp shoppers joked about whether it would be possible to smoke laces from their eco-sneakers. Also, together with the expert, they understood how technical cannabis (those that do not contain psychoactive substances) can be earned - legally.

How about you… hemp cosmetics? This was undertaken by the Ukrainian cosmetic company together with the Ukrainian Technical Hemp Association. How the products work on the skin and whether it will have the effect of drug intoxication (joke, of course it will not), we figured with the manufacturers.  

Alexander Ignatyuk - President of the Ukrainian Technical Hemp Association, Director of the Hemp Supermarket.

The purpose of its organization is to protect the interests of manufacturers who work in the field of industrial hemp. Oleksandr Ignatyuk also directs the work of the Hemp Supermarket, an online marketplace where you can buy various hemp products of Ukrainian production. He started a line of hemp cosmetics together with the company "Natural cosmetics".

Oksana Svidina Commercial Director of Natural Cosmetics Company Together with her colleagues, she developed formulas for organic cosmetics based on seeds and its derivatives (oil, protein, cake) of technical hemp. Currently, the company produces 15 cosmetic products, which are based on the unique properties of technical hemp

Who woke up first, so did the slippers

The idea of producing hemp cosmetics came to my mind when Romanian and Czech cosmetology companies began to "storm" me. They wanted to sell their own hemp cosmetics in the territory of Ukraine, and the "Hemp supermarket" (on this site you can buy hemp products - from food to sneakers), they say, let it earn its distribution. 

There is a stereotype that if you buy a product in Korea or the States, it will be better than if it was made in Ukraine. Although, in fact, it's the same as ours - the difference is only in advertising budgets. Synthetics + promotion is the secret of their success. 

So instead of selling the synthetics “under the banner” of hemp organic with the Romanians and the Czechs, we found each other with Natural Cosmetics. The decision to start a joint activity was made in early 2017.

In a couple of months, only boxes from under the product came to me at the Agro 2017 exhibition - there were no jars or cosmetics yet. I put them on Agro 2017 to see if hemp would be interesting to people. And it caused a frantic excitement - people were asking dozens what cosmetics, where to buy, what effect. They were surprised to learn that Ukrainian production…

After that, in June, I launched 11 names of natural cosmetics based on protein and hemp oil.

And in September, the same Czechs, Swedes and Romanians came to the Ukrainian beauty show “Intersharm” hoping to sell their artificial product, and here we are with natural cosmetics! Who is the first to stand up, even the slippers! 

Organic or foreign synthetics?

Cheap cream is made on the basis of the basis, which is composed of stearic acid. Czechs and Romanians wanted to come with such creams in 2017.

We basically do not use cheap synthetic base in our creams, so our product is not so cheap.

Find out for yourself, the hemp line cream or scrub will cost you 270 hryvnia, shampoo 76 hryvnia, and face milk - 130 hryvnia. However, the product is of high quality - and most importantly, its quality is confirmed by certificates from leading Ukrainian laboratories. Despite the price above conventional care products, our products are well sold in the market.

Who will suit cosmetics from hemp

The main feature of hemp seeds are the beneficial components that make up it: a large number of polyunsaturated fatty acids, a kaleidoscope of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. 

This means that, for effectiveness, cannabis cream can compete with anti-aging serum or wrinkle prevention and treatment procedures.

However, due to the fact that we use hemp seeds, he does not give any psychoactive effects of using hemp products.

It is proved that the skin after application of cosmetics with elements of hemp becomes more elastic, rash quickly pass, excess dryness disappears.

So when we tested cosmetics in the laboratory, we got the expected results: products based on hemp seeds really restore the elasticity of the skin, nourish it extremely and have a powerful restorative effect.

Users say that our cannabis scrubs are great for skin, hand butters (like cream, only greasy) are also a versatile product that will be helpful. But about day-night creams, our cosmetologists do not advise to use them for people with oily skin. But for people who are over 40, this line is just a find - worn out and dry skin really becomes more supple.

We recently launched four new products: Intimate Hygiene Foam, Shampoo, Balm and Hair Mask. Research in the laboratory has shown that an organic hemp-oil formula improves hair structure, reduces hair loss and cleans hair - in short, makes hair healthy and beautiful. But again, due to the saturation of the natural oily components, shampoos are most suitable for dry and damaged hair.

Europe wants only one of us

Only raw materials, not the product itself. Now we have many requests from abroad for the production of our cosmetics - from France, Austria, Israel and America.

But here's the caveat: you need to make your own quality certificate for each country. And these are quite large sums. If you plan to sell cosmetics on the territory of Moldova and Romania, you need one type of certificate, for Europe - the other. That is why we are sending only test parties overseas at the moment - too much gloom, too much money is needed.

The overseas cosmetics business is open: say, make us 20 tons of cosmetics and a certificate - and we will think if we will buy your products.

They want us not only to make quality certificates at our own expense, but also to sell them cosmetics with minimal profitability - as a raw material only! And they, having packed in their packaging, will already be engaged in the sale, selling it at times more than it would cost in Ukraine. 

And they want to leave the local producer with the added value of paying taxes. Of course, we are not interested in working under such conditions.

Promotion of hemp cosmetics

Our sales in Ukraine have tripled since we launched our line of natural cosmetics based on the therapeutic properties of hemp in 2017.

We are currently exhibiting at Ekotovar stores in Dnipro and Odessa. And, of course, small shops in Kiev and ordering on the site.

We are also looking for new clients, going to other cities and explaining how hemp cosmetics is different from regular ones, and we have specialized workshops.

Of course, we could exhibit in big online stores, but it will make the end product much more expensive. Yes, and in the supermarket you pay for the place, but whether your investment will pay off or not - that's another question.

Now in Ukraine we have competitors and are beginning to produce hemp cosmetics - while at the level of “hand-made”. But the market will put everything in its place - when you give quality products at the lowest price, you do not need to be afraid of any competition. There are already supporters of natural hemp cosmetics who say that the products of other companies as good as ours do not work.

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