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Hemp cosmetics company from Colombia will supply cannabinoid cosmetics to Spain


A deal was concluded in which the Kuida CBD line of cosmetics would be sold in more than 2,350 stores around the world. 

The Colombian cosmetics company has signed an agreement to host its line of skin care products containing cannabidiol on the shelves of hundreds of pharmacies throughout Spain.

According to a statement released, Khiron Life Sciences entered into a deal with the Red Yellow Red cosmetics distributor, under which the Kuida CBD range of cosmetics should be sold in more than 2,350 stores around the world. It is known that, within the framework of the agreement, “Red Yellow Red” will train retail personnel in a number of economically developed countries of the world on techniques and methods for the quickest and most effective sales of Kuida cannabinoid cosmetics.

A statement to the media of the president of Khiron Europe states that “Red Yellow Red has a large and attractive distribution network, as well as a powerful sales and training program that matches our proven approach to entering the market. It is this cosmetics distributor that will help more consumers integrate Kuida's cannabis cosmetic products into the daily skin care regimen for consumers around the world.

Commentary by the Ukrainian Technical Hemp Association

“Khiron Life Sciences” mainly operates in Latin America, but is actively working to ensure that its products appear on the markets of economically developed countries in Europe and North America. At the moment, the company's products are already sold in retail chains in the UK, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Brazil.

In Ukraine, there is a great experience of using the leaves and inflorescences of industrial hemp therapeutic focus in the composition formulation of cosmetics , used for skin care and hair . Unfortunately, the current regulatory framework does not currently allow such products to be produced and legally distributed in our country , therefore, these developments will most likely be implemented in economically developed countries in which the minimum socially safe amount of tetrahydrocannabinol is determined at the departmental orders level. , which may be in the final products , including cosmetics .

Given the above, as well as 4 years of experience in the hemp cosmetics market of Ukraine , experts of the HempConsulting information and analytical platform , together with a number of companies operating in the domestic as well as in the global cosmetic market , initiated the study “ Hemp Beauty Industry in the World and Ukraine (from the use of grain derivatives, young shoots and root in cosmetic formulations to “cannabisa green mass ”).

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