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French technology in the construction of a multi-storey building using bonded concrete


Panels with a wooden frame are delivered to the construction site for installation “on the go”, and this technology significantly speeds up the process of “putting into operation” the entire project.

The pages of the profile electronic publication of Ukrainian hemp breeders have already described the experience of multi-storey hemp house building. In particular, the article “ A hemp high-rise building was built in Italy ” focused on individual technologies used in high-rise hemp construction in Europe. It is all the more interesting to get acquainted with the experience of hemp multi-storey house building obtained in France, and during the implementation of this project quite interesting building know-how crystallized.

For the first time in France, a multi-story building is being constructed on the western edge of Paris using ecologically friendly hemp construction technology. Until recently, the use of bonded concrete throughout Europe was used exclusively in cottage construction and was used for the construction of 2-3-story buildings. 


                                     Concept                                     Implemented project

According to hemp developer Adrien Biggi, “This project demonstrates the potential of a plant that has virtually no restrictions on its use in various kinds of building materials, as well as their use in multi-story construction. Such structures can be based on both metal and wooden frames. ” 

The general concept of the project is environmental friendliness

The customer has set the architectural bureau the task of creating a construction project that can save up to 20% of the heat energy consumed during the heating of the building in winter, maximizing the use of natural materials, as well as the possibility of further certification of the building according to standards that correspond to environmental indicators. Given the social component, as well as the environmental friendliness of creating such a house, the project was provided with state subsidies up to 11% of its total cost of € 1.66 million.

Highlights of French hemp house building

The architectural bureau developing the project decided on the need to use bonded concrete on both facades of the building at a height of 25 meters. A choice was made in favor of using ordinary concrete for standard structures of the structure and the advisability of using bone concrete for two main facades - the street and the garden. In particular, bonded concrete was applied (sprayed) on prefabricated wooden frame panels at production facilities and delivered to a construction site for installation in the places intended for them in the general structure of the structure. 


Technology creation of individual structural elements at production facilities and their installation at a construction site

The structural advantage of the walls of this building is their thickness. Instead of the traditional 26 centimeter walls, architects calculated that the cost-effective concrete used in the construction process allows the construction of walls 22 centimeters thick. Panels with a wooden frame are delivered to the construction site for installation “on the go”, and this technology significantly speeds up the process of “putting into operation” the entire project. According to project communications and marketing manager Philippe Septier, “Hemp has the exclusive ability to control moisture fluctuations. The plant in the composition of the mortar absorbs moisture and water vapor, and when the air is dry, the walls made of bone concrete, it is released, due to which there is regulation of humidity fluctuations indoors. In addition, bonded concrete exhibits excellent open flame resistance. ” 

Among other advantages of bone concrete, its durability and lightness are distinguished, which makes parts of the building five times lighter than similar ones made from traditional building materials - an excellent property that does not allow hemp coating to exert too much influence on the building foundation. In addition, the coating is 80% lime and does not have a membrane to seal air and water. The minimum life of this structure is designed for 100 years. 

Commentary by the Ukrainian Technical Hemp Association

The program of this social construction involves the construction of a 15-apartment building, erected in extremely cramped urban conditions, involving a small construction site (the area of ​​one floor is only 726 m²), as well as a harmonious "fit" of the constructed "hemp house" into the general architecture of the surrounding buildings the same height, having typical architecture of the 1970s and 1980s. 

Trends in the global hemp construction market and the achievements of leading national companies specializing in the use of hemp raw materials for the construction of buildings and structures were demonstrated at the round table “ Hemp raw materials - technologies for its use in construction, production of biocomposite materials and furniture ”, which was held as part of the “ Hemp University ” . During the next training course of the hemp university held in the framework of the “ Hemp University ” in April 2020, the latest achievements of national and foreign companies in the field of using the therapeutic properties of hemp for the treatment of severe illnesses, including chronic ones, will be presented (for example, national experience in the treatment of severe forms of cancer ), as well as the effectiveness of using the "green mass" of the plant in biologically active / feed additives and cosmetic preparations.

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