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Farmers in the UK focus on the need to increase construction volumes using costa concrete to reduce hydrocarbon emissions


The NFU recommends UK farmers use harder hemp to harvest seeds and fiber , and in turn are selling harder hemp bonfire to the construction industry .

The National Farmers' Union (NFU) of Great Britain in the prepared annual report focused the attention of government officials, as well as agricultural producers of the country, on the need to expand opportunities for cultivating industrial crops of technical hemp in England , including in order to create conditions for universal production of building structures from bonded concrete , which will significantly reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

In particular, in a document prepared for publication, it has been noted that since 1990, hydrocarbon emissions in agricultural production as a whole have decreased by 16 percent, however, since 2011, the trend towards their further reduction has substantially decreased. One of the methods to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere is the creation of building structures from natural materials . One of the most effective plants in this area is technical hemp, which not only has a thousand-year history of its use as an effective building material, but also during growth it “captures” hydrocarbon from the atmosphere and actually “buries CO2” in various kinds of building structures.

According to NFU, bonded concrete made from hemp fire, water, and lime is widely used in Europe and North America as an ecological building material, which also shows itself as an extremely effective insulation. In this regard, NFU recommends that agricultural producers in the UK actively use technical hemp to produce a crop of seeds and fibers , in turn, actively selling hemp fire representatives of the construction industry .

Other ideas that should significantly affect the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK are the creation of farms heated exclusively by energy-efficient plants (including industrial hemp), which will generate electricity using the latest technologies, involving minimal emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. 

Commentary of the Ukrainian Technical Hemp Association

British farms are responsible for about 10 percent of the country's greenhouse gas emissions, but only 10% of their production is carbon dioxide, while 40% is nitrous oxide from substances like fertilizers and 50% is methane produced life of cows and sheep. NFU strives to ensure that the entire agricultural sector is neutral with respect to carbon emissions by 2040, and therefore finances research aimed at achieving this goal.

Issues related to various aspects of the use of hemp as an ecological, cost-effective building material , as well as raw materials for the production of furniture and biocomposite materials will be considered during the discussion at the round table " Hemp raw materials - technologies for its use in construction, production of biocomposite materials and furniture ", which will be held November 12 as part of the “ Hemp University ” on the basis of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine.

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