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The exponential growth of the CBD market for products used in the zoo business


The rapid growth of the pet product market is just one example of the exponential growth of the market for products based on industrial hemp or drug-free cannabinoids that have significant therapeutic properties . 

According to expert estimates, if in 2016 the sale of products with cannabidiol for pets of $ 58,581, then in 2019 they grew to nearly $ 7.4 million. Over the past year the number of pet stores that sell products , containing cannabidiol has increased from 45% to 57 % In just the last two years, the number of specialized pet stores that sell pet products with cannabidiol has grown from 100 to 500 in the state of Colorado alone .

 The dynamics of sales of products CBD for pets in the United States

It should be noted that the growth of the market comes at a time when the Office of sanitary supervision over the quality of food products and medicines ( Food Food and Drug Administration, the FDA) of the USA , in charge of food and medicines for animals , as well as products used in human beings , has not yet provided no permits for the use of cannabidiol for pets .

In March 2020, Petco Animal Supplies, Inc. initiated sales of cannabidiol products in 700 stores in 23 US administrative units . A Petco statement said that "As pet owners continue to look for new ways to take care of their pets ' overall health and well-being , the demand for proven plant-based cannabidiol products continues to grow."

Already in mid-May, PetSmart initiated sales of feed additives , which include cannabidiol in 122 stores in Colorado, Tennessee, Kentucky and Oregon, with plans to expand its sales network this summer.

Research conducted by a specialized consulting company in December 2019 demonstrates that pet owners decide on the need to use products containing cannabidiol in cases where their pets have the following problems :

•  pain in the back and joints

•  episodic and chronic anxiety

•  stress

•  arthritis

•  general deterioration in health and well-being.

Commentary experts of the Association " Ukrainian industrial hemp "

It should be noted an important role in educating the owners of domestic animals of the need to use beznarkoticheskih cannabinoids to improve the quality of life of representatives of Veterinary Medicine USA . Surveys by U.S. veterinarians in April 2020 revealed that they are much more aware of the therapeutic properties of cannabidiol than the medical staff of institutions where people are treated and various products are prescribed , which include drug-free cannabinoids much more often than doctors do for their patients.

Specialists in the American hemp market claim that more and more people in the United States realize that drug-free cannabinoids or products made on the basis of the therapeutic properties of technical hemp can improve the well-being and physical condition of not only people, but also pets , and the  rapid growth of the pet market is only one thing. An example of the exponential growth of the market for products based on technical hemp or drug-free cannabinoids with significant therapeutic properties . 

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