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Examples of the use of hemp as an external thermal insulation material in France (photo)


The thermo-acoustic panel is a mixture of hemp, flax and recycled cotton (with 8% PE binder and fungicidal treatment)

The highlight of the use of hemp-based heat-insulating materials is that agricultural producers, united in a joint venture with a construction specialist, bring to the country’s market an excellent product that is in demand both in France and throughout the EU .

On the pages of the profile electronic publication of Ukrainian hemp breeders, issues related to the possibility of using the physical, mechanical, biological, as well as other exclusive properties of hemp during construction or restoration have already been considered more than once . This material demonstrates the French experience in using heat-insulating materials based on the biological and mechanical properties of technical hemp, which can be useful to national companies, as well as individual industry experts who are actively working to create a construction niche for modern hemp breeding in Ukraine . The highlight of the use of hemp-based thermal insulation materialsIt is that agricultural producers, having united in a joint venture with a construction specialist, are launching an excellent product on the country's market, which is in demand both in France and throughout the EU . 

One of the French small private construction companies, using a specific example, demonstrates the benefits of warming various types of buildings and structures using hemp-based heat-insulating materials . In particular, the pavilion of the 70s was insulated from the outside with natural heat-insulating panels made on the basis of technical hemp. 

The wood frame is attached to the external plaster


Hemp insulation filling frame

The final view of the insulated building

According to the project participants, the following criteria are the foundation for the use of heat-insulating materials manufactured in hemp based in France :

- environmental friendliness (both in matters of production and disposal after the end of the operating life);

- creating a friendly environment for the human body;

- the effectiveness of the use of heat-insulating materials in comparison with other heat-insulating means.

Located in the commune of Villefrancœur (central France ), the building of the 70s was a wooden frame, inside of which was from 7 to 10 cm of mineral wool. From the external and internal sides of the building, the walls were plastered. Customers were interested in significantly improving the comfort of staying in this room during the winter and summer periods of time, significant savings in electrical energy, as well as the use of exclusively heat-insulating materials made from plant fibers during construction.


Metal brackets attached to an existing wall with a wooden frame were located 143 mm from the wall, and 40 x 40 mm spikes were placed every 60 cm

 A special “raincoat” nailed to the slats protects hemp-based thermal insulation


 In addition to the anti-penetration function, the rodent guard at the bottom of the wall is used to ventilate the cladding, avoiding heating of the wall in summer and condensation in winter 


Wood paneling for enhanced appearance 

During the discussion of the project, the customer chose heat-insulating panels made of hemp and cotton under wooden paneling, which, among other things, made it possible to significantly improve the appearance of the structure.

As a result of building insulation with natural materials based on hemp, several advantages were achieved at once:

- the temperature inside the room is maintained stably comfortable for the human body in hot and cold periods of the year;

- the use of heat-insulating materials based on hemp made it possible to reduce energy costs, in particular with which the building was heated in winter.

Commentary of the Ukrainian Technical Hemp Association

In September 2015, one of the French agricultural cooperatives specializing in the cultivation and processing of industrial hemp crops, located in central France, together with a small construction company headed by Jan Fromager, established the joint venture Société Coopérative et Participative (SCOP) du bâtiment du Loir et Cher, which offered the market hemp-based insulation materials. The aforementioned joint venture is developing quite intensively, expanding the staff and increasing the halo of construction work carried out using various construction materials based on hemp . SCOP already has 12 employees, with three insulation specialists, two plasterers and three roofers currently not enough to meet demand, so by the end of 2019, the company will employ at least four people, because the response time for incoming orders already exceeds 7 months. The success of the enterprise is evidenced by its financial indicators, which increased from € 1.26 million in 2018 to € 2 million in 2019.

The platform for discussing the problems of the hemp construction industry developing in Ukraine will be the round table “ Hemp raw materials - technologies for its use in construction, production of biocomposite materials and furniture ”, which will be held on November 12 as part of the Hemp University at the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine.

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