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In England, require toxicological examinations for foods containing cannabinoids


Experts from the British Committee on Chemical Toxicity in Food , Consumer Products , and the Environment are concerned about the increased use of cannabinoid extracts or their synthetic analogues, despite their ability to damage the internal organs of the person, as well as possible negative reactions observed when they interact with various medicines .

On the pages of the profile of the electronic edition more than once Ukrainian growers focused on the fact that the British Agency for Food Standards ( Food Food Standards Agency, the FSA) for its administrative documents obliged the producers of hemp products which contain extracts of cannabinoids (primarily cannabidiol - CBD) to 31 March 2021 to obtain additional permits for the sale of marketable products belonging to the category of "new food " in accordance with the requirements of the relevant EU Directive . The provisions of the aboveThe regulatory act of the European Union includes, among other things, food products from various plant constituents and was created as a mechanism to ensure the safety of citizens using the so-called “new food products ”, as well as to control food products that are made using genetically modified raw materials or the composition of which includes a synthetic component before they reach the market .

The foundation of this kind of opinion leadership FSA is the position of expert British Committee on Toxicity of Chemicals in food , consumer products and the environment (of The Committee on Toxicity not classified of Chemicals in Food Food , the Consumer Products and the Environment, CoT) expressing concern over the expansion of extracts opportunities cannabinoids (primarily cannabidiol) or their synthetic analogues, despite their ability to damage the internal organs of a person (for example, the liver), as well as possible negative reactions observed during their interaction with various drugs . 

UK government officials believe that the key to potential consumers of CBD products is confidence in their safety. That is why the main body that must make a conclusion about the safety for the health of British consumers of cannabidiol extracts or its synthetic analogues contained in food products and present on the British market are the conclusions of CoT specialists exclusively, and not the documents of any other structures, including World Health Organization. 

One of the main studies guaranteeing the safety of goods belonging to the category of “new food products ” is their toxicological safety test. According to government officials in the United Kingdom, it is becoming extremely urgent to search for reliable evidence that CBD extract or its synthetic counterparts is an effective drug substance that will not harm consumers who purchase products that they include . That is why it is necessary to organize additional studies to determine the safety of CBD products .

Industry experts focus on the fact that the only right way out for legally operating manufacturers of CBD products already on the UK market is to collect sufficient data on its safety for consumers. This is necessary in order to satisfy the requirements of regulatory authorities, which ultimately will strengthen the position of food products sold , which include extracts of cannabinoids or their synthetic analogues, and they can be positioned on the market as not only a delicious product , but also as effective therapeutic / wellness remedy .

Commentary experts of the Association " Ukrainian industrial hemp "

study of the consumption of CBD products in the United Kingdom showed that about six million people have already used food products , which include cannabinoid extracts or their synthetic analogues. According to various sources, the cannabinoid market in the UK is already about 300 million pounds, which is almost three times more than the market for vitamins.

Center medicinal cannabis (Centre for Medicinal Cannabis, CMC) - the first and only in the UK membership body in the industry for companies and investors operating on the market of health medicines , therapeutic characteristics of which are based on the therapeutic properties of cannabis , as well as derivatives of the plant . In order to maximize the effective regulation of the internal market CDB products in the UK Center for medicinal cannabis even in 2019 was established Association of Producers of cannabinoids in which the participating companies have the opportunity to work together to form an application for obtaining the certificates on the "new foods " for different categories of commercial products , which contains cannabinoid extracts or their synthetic analogues.

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