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Coronavirus and reusable cannabis mask in Italy


Italian medical staff in hemp masks "Maeko tessuti"

One of the Italian companies proposed to use hemp fiber as a material for the manufacture of masks for medical personnel, including those working with patients with coronavirus.

Faced with the epidemic of the COVID-19 virus, Italian doctors were horrified to find that the country has an acute shortage of not only modern medical equipment, but also gowns, gloves, basic disinfectants and disinfection. In the twenty-first century, in one of the most highly developed countries in Europe, there is a banal lack of protective masks for medical personnel, who are most exposed to the risk of coronavirus infection. 

The theoretical basis of the possibility of using hemp fabric as an effective means of steel several scientific studies that say about natural antibacterial / antiviral properties of plant fibers , which "transferred" to the fabric , and based thereon the product . For example, according to a 2008 study , the substances found in hemp plants reduce the spread of certain antibiotic-resistant bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) , which can effectively resist penicillin . Therapeutic potentialplant fibers confirmed by the 2014 review, according to which "hemp has significant antibacterial activity against a wide range of pathogenic bacteria, in particular, the cannabinoids , alkaloids, and other biologically active compounds that make up the plant have tremendous therapeutic properties ." In addition, in 2014 other studies were published claiming that hemp fiber has powerful antibacterial properties against E. coli.

The findings of the above scientific publications emphasize that the exclusive biochemical properties of hemp fiber makes it extremely useful for the implementation of antibacterial substrates, such as special fabrics for use in various kinds of medical institutions.

One of the Italian companies proposed to use hemp fiber as a material for the manufacture of masks for medical personnel, including those working with patients with coronavirus. Employees of the company “Maeko tessuti” suggested using hemp fabric for sewing masks for medical personnel. Initial experience with the use of medical masks was obtained in medical institutions in the city of Cagliari (the capital of the island of Sardinia). A feature of hemp masks is the use, in addition to two layers of hemp fabric, of a canvas layer, which makes the product washable and waterproof. 

According to Maeko tessuti employees, “ hemp fabric itself is an effective antibacterial agent, and its feature is that dirt and unpleasant odors on its surface appear much less due to the fact that the activity of pathogens by hemp fibers is inhibited and due to with this, they cannot multiply rapidly. Medical staff using these masks are extremely pleased with this initiative. In particular, after doctors used hemp masks for only two days, it is noted that in addition to the fact that these sanitary-hygienic products effectively perform their direct function, the people who use them no longer feel the constant taste of saliva that haunted them during use of paper or gauze analogues. "

Commentary experts of the Association "Ukrainian industrial hemp"

The Italians experience in the use of the therapeutic properties of hemp fiber to reduce the risk of exposure to the human body of fungi, bacteria, viruses or other pathogens for a long period of time. Only a few decades ago in the Ukrainian SSR, against the backdrop of a general shortage of any categories of goods , including sanitary-hygienic products and personal hygiene products, medical personnel everywhere reused gauze dressings, washing several times the aforementioned sanitary-hygienic means at temperatures exceeding 90 degrees . Given the widespread production of hemp fiber in Ukraine at that time , some doctors modified this procedure and sewed medical dressings from material that has antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal properties, namely, from hemp tissue . Given this experience, as well as the “Italian know-how” to use the properties of hemp fiber to fight against viral infections, national manufacturers of hemp fabrics are trying to increase sales during the global pandemic, using hemp dressings made from hemp for marketing purposes. , and their products , positioning them as one of the means of combating viruses, including using hemp dolls as demonstration models. 

Ukrainian version of hemp mask for face masks 

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