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CBD products in the US market: limitations and prospects


The FDA is prolonging public discussions related to the safety of consumption of hemp products containing non-drug cannabinoids , since documents sent and reviewed by government officials provided extremely conflicting data and do not allow specialists to make an unambiguous decision.

The pages of the profile electronic publication of Ukrainian hemp breeders have repeatedly raised the question that the therapeutic properties of CBD products made using synthetic cannabinoids and even with the addition of cannabidiol extracts in the formulations are very ambiguously perceived by profile specialists controlling the quality of products of state structures both in North America and in Europe . This article reveals the position of the US Food and Drug Administration for Sanitary Inspection of Food and Drug Administration , which initiated an analysis of the country's information on the therapeutic properties of CBD products.present in the US market .

It is no secret that the American market often sets trends for the development of a particular sector of the global economy. Recently, the situation related to liberalization of legislation in the USA regarding derivatives of hemp plant processing has been heard , but as it turned out in practice, not everything is developing as easily as many consumers of hemp products would like . So, recently, the US federal health authorities said they did not have enough reasons to approve the full-fledged entry into the market of over-the-counter products containing cannabidiol (CBD). Government officials explain that in order to make a positive or negative decision, they need to have more scientific evidence on the effects of drug-free cannabinoids, primarily cannabidiol, on the human body. 

Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines (Food and Drug Administration, FDA) US prolongs the public discussions related to security issues of consumption of products containing hemp beznarkoticheskie cannabinoids , but the time allotted for over a few months ago this procedure. According to an employee of the Department, the state structure needs more data on the effect of natural CBD obtained by extraction from hemp on a person, since 4,500 letters sent and reviewed by government officials with relevant information provided extremely contradictory data and do not allow specialists to make an unambiguous decision. 

In particular, a source of industry news in the field of American health care reports that the FDA needs qualitatively new scientific data confirming the safety of CBD extracted from hemp, since a long-term negative attitude to cannabisu requires irrefutable evidence in favor of the plant for public acceptance.  

Many consumers of CBD products are in favor of hemp treatment. In particular, Dr. Kevin Chapman from Colorado focuses on the fact that if you conduct more in-depth studies related to the effect of CBD on patients, it is necessary to develop a methodology for studying the various components of the hemp plant for each disease separately, which will allow for a more detailed understanding of the cause-effect relationship the effects of the therapeutic elements of cannabisa on the patient's body. Moreover, even today the doctor claims that many of his patients suffering from epilepsy become much better during the course of “ hemp treatment ”. 

The Food and Drug Administration says that government officials have no bias against hemp. FDA employees cannot advocate for or against CBD products and the possibility of their therapeutic use as dietary supplements or food products . Specialists of the Office insist that their main task is to establish the true capabilities of hemp ingredients, and develop recommendations for their safe use in the medical , food , and other US industries . 

Commentary of the Ukrainian Technical Hemp Association

There is no doubt that, against the background of the production of extracted components from hemp or the production of synthetic cannabinoids, therapy associated with the use of leaves and inflorescences of a plant is an extremely attractive area of ​​management. The market for cannabis food and non-food products will develop more and more both on the American and other continents , and therefore lobbying for the interests of individual foreign companies to conquer small markets (such as Ukrainian ) will be strengthened, and it will be able to resist “imposing foreign interests on us” only a clear policy of the state in this matter. How to resist the expansion of foreign companies, as well as actively develop the therapeutic properties market of technical hemp, will be examined in detail during the roundtable “ Use of cannabinoids in the treatment of severe / chronic diseases ” held within the framework of “ Hemp University ” held on December 17, 2019 . 

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