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Cannabis use reduces the likelihood of opioid use in people with chronic pain


Drug addicts can use cannabis leaves and inflorescences in order to significantly reduce or completely stop using opioids for both relieving pain and relieving withdrawal symptoms. 

The pages of the profile electronic publication of Ukrainian hemp breeders have repeatedly raised the question of the possibility of treating various kinds of addictions  ( cocaine , heroin , opium ) using hemp leaves and inflorescences. In addition, the use of " Cannabidiol reduces the risk of relapse in drug addicts ." This material describes a study by Canadian scientists who testify to the possibility of using a therapeutic hemp leaf and inflorescence to relieve pain and, among other things, relieve drug addicts of their ailment.

According to new research conducted by the British Columbia center on substance use (BCCSU) together with the University of British Columbia (UBC) for people using illegal opioids to treat chronic pain, hemp can be a useful and less dangerous alternative.

Researchers from BCCSU and UBC interviewed more than 1,100 people with the highest risk of opioid overdose in Vancouver between 2014 and 2017 who reported using psychoactive substances to relieve severe or chronic pain. It was found that daily use of hemp was associated with significantly lower chances of daily illicit use of opioids, suggesting that people replace opioids with cannabis leaves and inflorescences in order to cope with the pain.

“These results, combined with previous research, once again demonstrate that people use cannabis leaves and inflorescences to cope with many different uncomfortable conditions, including pain. In some cases, they use the “ green mass " of the plant instead of opioids, ”says Dr. M.J., a researcher at BCCSU and a professor of hemp at UBC, who co-wrote the report. Milloy (Dr. MJ Milloy). “In the ongoing public health emergency caused by fatal cases of opioid overdose, results show that increasing access to hemp plant leaves and inflorescences that are used effectively  for therapeutic purposes can help reduce the risk of overdose associated with illicit opioid use.”

The results of the statistical model showed that people who use cannabis every day have a 50 percent lower chance of using illegal opioids than people who don't use plant leaves and inflorescences . 

The study found that daily use of cannabis leaves and inflorescences can provide opportunities for healing or treatment for a number of serious, including chronic, diseases. For example, a significant part of daily consumers of hemp leaves and inflorescences reported the advisability of using the therapeutic properties of the plant , including relief of pain; under stress; nausea mental health problems; improved sleep; treating the symptoms of HIV disease or the side effects of antiretroviral therapy.

In addition, the data obtained indicate that drug addicts can use cannabis leaves and inflorescences in order to significantly reduce or completely stop using opioids for both relieving pain and relieving withdrawal symptoms.

According to Stephanie Lake, PhD at UBC School of Public Health, one of the co-authors of the study, “The results of the studies indicate the need for a formal clinical assessment of strategies for using hemp leaves and inflorescences to relieve pain, as well as treating disorders caused by the use of opioids or broader initiatives for the treatment of drug addicts. ”

That is why Dr. M.J. Milloy plans to conduct control tests in order to assess whether cannabis leaves and inflorescences can serve as an effective substitute for opioids for the relief of pain, as well as the treatment of dependence on various types of narcotic / psychotropic substances or pharmacological preparations.

Commentary of the Ukrainian Technical Hemp Association

Up-to-date information on the possibilities of using therapeutic hemp for the treatment of drug addicts and people suffering from pain can be obtained during the December 17, 2019 round table “ Use of cannabinoids in the treatment of severe / chronic diseases ”, held as part of the “ Hemp University ”.  

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