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A brief analysis of the hemp cosmetics market


The global skin care industry was valued at $ 116.3 billion, with hemp and cannabinoid cosmetic products annually “winning” a significant part of the above market size.

The potential of the industry involving the use of drug-free cannabinoids has prompted many investors to learn about the properties of cannabidiol in the first place. Nevertheless, the cosmetic industry, the raw materials of which are various derivatives of hemp, is faced with problems associated with the lack of a regulatory framework governing the production and sale of CBD of cosmetic products. Despite this, the cosmetics market based on the drug-free cannanoids is growing rapidly, as the development potential of this sector of modern cosmetics is huge. Large cosmetic companies have realized the potential of drug-free cannabinoids in terms of the possibility of various kinds of cosmetic products. Given consumer behavior, the rapid transition to an organic and healthy lifestyle, the buyer is increasingly interested in adopting alternative treatments and products that should help them lead a healthy lifestyle.

The following types of hemp cosmetics are already present on the international market - moisturizers and creams, masks and serums, cleansers, sunscreens, and other cosmetics. According to the source of raw materials, products made from technical or psychoactive hemp are distinguished. Cosmetic products from industrial hemp prevail on the market due to the low content of THC in the final products, and this trend will continue for at least several years, with the subsequent replacement of hemp cosmetics with drugs rich in non-drug cannabinoids.

The main sales channels for the global CBD cosmetics market are pharmacies, hypermarkets and supermarkets, retail stores and online channels among other distribution channels. Online stores occupy the main sales segment and are expected to dominate the global market.

The cosmetics industry has already been destroyed by the advent of e-commerce companies. Several trends in e-commerce have led to the emergence and rapid spread of a wide range of e-commerce products and brands. The advent of social networks, paid search and organic search has made e-commerce one of the main sales channels. New and interesting CBD brands regularly appear on the electronic market. Coverage of social networks further stimulates the growth of online sales in the global space of cannabinoid cosmetics.

The main players in the CBD cosmetics market are Lord Jones, Green Growth Brands, Canuka, LLC, Kiehl's LLC, Josie Maran Cosmetics, the CBD Skin Care Company, CBD For Life, Ildi Pekar Skin Care & Spa, Kana Skincare, Leef Organics, L ' eela CBD BodyCare, FAB CBD, Elixinol Global Limited et Charlotte's Web Holdings Inc.

At the moment, North America is the leader in the world cosmetic CBD market in terms of sales. The demand for skincare and cosmetics based on the therapeutic properties of hemp is increasing annually, and the market has become a global industry. The global skin care industry was valued at $ 116.3 billion, with hemp and cannabinoid cosmetic products annually “winning” a significant part of the above market size.

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