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A brief analysis of the beverage market, which includes drug-free cannabinoids


Online consumer inquiries regarding cannabiol in the context of searching for different product groups

Buyers are extremely interested in not pharmacological drugs based on hemp , but primarily food and drinks , which include the therapeutic elements of the plant . 

The pages of the profile electronic publication of Ukrainian hemp breeders have already demonstrated certain trends in the consumption of hemp products with therapeutic properties . In particular, attention was focused on the fact that the volume of the market for food products , which include extracts of various non-drug cannabinoids or made using therapeutic therapeutic hemp leaves and inflorescences, will grow rapidly. 

Analyzing the dynamics of sales of various product groups , which include drug-free cannabinoids, we can already say that a new trend in the global hemp market is a growing number of offers of food products ( confectionery, drinks ), cosmetics , pet products containing in microdoses cannabidiol extracts or in the formulation of which the leaves and inflorescences of technical hemp of a therapeutic nature are included . U.S. hemp market analysts note a trend according to which the volume of such products in 2019 doubled in comparison with 2018. The above dynamics demonstrated by the fact that food , having a therapeutic effect inherent in leaves and inflorescences of cannabis bought and are widely used, including by people who before were looking for the possibility of using the therapeutic properties of the plant in the medical preparations made from plants that have psychoactive properties. 

Exploring this kind of trend, which has been actively manifested over the past year, one of the analytical companies counted the number of queries regarding cannabidiol during the search for CBD products in various product groups over the past 48 weeks of 2018-2019. on the Internet. 

 Online consumer inquiry regarding cannabiol in the context of searching for different product groups

The above diagram clearly indicates that buyers are extremely interested in not pharmacological products based on hemp , but primarily food and drinks , which include the therapeutic elements of the plant . Due to the fact that food products have been mentioned more than once, we focus on this particular drink specifically on drinks made using therapeutic cannabis leaves and inflorescences of a therapeutic nature or which include extracts of non-drug cannabinoids. 

What is happening on the market for hemp drinks is similar to trends that are observed on the market for food and cosmetic products made using hemp ingredients . The main driver of the latest developments and technologies are startups , which, unlike well-known brands, are focusing their efforts on creating quality cannabis-based drinks . One of the main directions of development of this kind of technology is the use of hemp ingredients for the production of hemp mineral water and tonics. However, the highest activity in this segment of the hemp market is observed in the sector of creating various kinds of soft drinks formulations made on the basis of brewed hemp tea .

Analysts at the American hemp market believe that the global cannabis-based drinks market will grow from $ 185 million in 2018 to $ 225 million in 2019. In particular, in the United States, sales of cannabis-based drinks have grown 125% from $ over the year 88 million in 2018 to $ 110 million in 2019. Further rather rapid growth in the volume of this segment of the hemp market is forecasted and over the next five years it can reach the mark of $ 350 million - $ 1.4 billion.

An example of the vigorous activity of large companies in this market is the information that in August 2019, the producer of tea , juice cocktails and energy drinks Arizona Iced Tea entered into a $ 10 million deal with Dixie Brands Inc., a hemp market company with the goal of creating, producing and selling various kinds of hemp drinks . The joint project aims to bring to the market various varieties of hemp teas , lemonade, soda, soft drinks and hemp coffee. According to the developed business plan , sales of the above products will begin in the United States , and then their distribution will expand to Canada and Latin America .

Factors contributing to the rapid growth of the “ hemp drinks ” market include: easing pressure from government agencies (drawing up an appropriate regulatory framework, including the development of departmental norms and rules necessary for the normal functioning of the market); investments by large institutional investors (primarily brewers), as well as the creation of new high-quality products that appear on the startup market . For example, recently only 88 new brands appeared on the US market , representing various cannabis-based drinks , and only in the second quarter of 2019 the number of displayed brands of this kind by companies specializing in the production of soft drinks was 19 more than in the same period in 2018 of the year. 

In particular, hemp producer Zenabis Global Inc. announced that at the end of 2019 it would launch a line of non-alcoholic drinks using various plant ingredients in its recipe. Launching the line of hemp drinks by Zenabis Global Inc. is due to changes in Canadian law and technologies that allow hemp ingredients to be added to the recipe for manufactured products without changing the taste, smell or appearance of the finished product . It should be noted that the total market for hemp drinks in Canada is estimated at $ 529 million. That is why Zenabis commercializes the technologies developed by the company , introducing several non-alcoholic drinks based on hemp plants to the Canadian market at once .

It should be noted that this trend is not unique to North America . In August 2019, the British retailer WH Smith initiated sales of various kinds of cannabis drinks in 276 UK retail stores . 

Commentary of the Ukrainian Technical Hemp Association

Obtained results of the search for CBD products should clearly interest citizens of our country who are actively involved in lobbying for the interests of pharmacological companies, which advocate for amendments to the current legislation that prioritize the need for hemp for medical purposes and do not pay attention to the fact that there is a huge market food , cosmetics , and other product groups , which include beznarkoticheskie cannabinoids should be taken only guided Twain order. Given this fact, the specialists of the Ukrainian Technical Hemp Association are currently lobbying for consideration of this particular issue in the central authorities and administrations. In the case of the writing and adoption of this kind of joint order by several ministries, the possibility of using for industrial purposes the leaves and inflorescences of technical hemp of a therapeutic orientation , which have an extremely powerful therapeutic effect, will become possible already in 2020.

You can learn more about the mechanism for adopting the necessary regulatory acts to “start” work with therapeutic hemp leaves and inflorescences in Ukraine during the round table “ Use of cannabinoids in the treatment of severe / chronic diseases ”, held as part of the “ Hemp University ”.

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