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Canadian capacities for the production of construction materials from hemp fiber


Nature Fibres is the first North American company specializing in the production of eco materials from hemp fiber
Nature Fibres creates a plant for the processing of hemp raw materials in fact on financial resources provided by state structures.
For the first time on the territory of North America in the Canadian city of Asbest (province of Quebec), a company specializing in the production of construction materials based on hemp fiber is being created.
The business plan of the project involves the construction of facilities where Nature Fibres will manufacture insulating and acoustic materials from hemp raw materials, as well as various types of hemp arbolites.
According to Marc Nadeau, General Director of Nature Fibres, technical hemp is not yet very well known in North America as a building material, but various types of hemp insulation, building mixes or biocomposites imported from Europe or China are in deserved demand among consumers USA, Mexico, as well as Canada. Demand for hemp building materials annually in the countries of North America already reaches hundreds of millions of dollars, and tends to increase in the medium term.
According to Mr. Neido, Nature Fibres will have its production facilities in the buildings of the old Jeffrey mine industrial park, and the total investment in the construction of cannabis processing facilities should be about $ 2.5 million. In spite of the considerable sums in the creation of processing capacities for hemp raw materials, the company plans to cultivate cannabis in the region in 2017 in order to provide the created production facilities with cheap and high-quality raw materials. In the agricultural season of 2017, around 500 hectares of industrial crops of technical hemp are planned to be cultivated near the production base, which will make it possible to provide a stable earnings for seven workers who will be engaged in agricultural work this year and dozens of jobs for future employees who will be able to operate The plant itself.
Comments of the Association "Ukrainian technical hemp"
Within the framework of the regional program MRC des Sources, the plant construction project receives financial assistance of $ 1.1 million. In addition to the above regional program, the project is co-financed by the government of the province of Quebec. Thus, the company Nature Fibres creates a plant for the processing of hemp raw materials actually on the financial resources provided by state structures. The cost of the company Nature Fibres was only the acquisition of existing buildings of the old industrial park of the Jeffrey mine. In order to "breathe new life" into the region, municipal officials allocate considerable financial resources for the creation of modern processing and production facilities, which subsequently generate permanent tax deductions and provide stable work for residents of depressed agricultural regions of Canada.
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