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International conference "Konoplevodstvo 2017" (photo)


On the eve of the sowing campaign of 2017, there is a large number of prerequisites to reach the maximum threshold of saturation of the domestic market, the inability to compete with its products in foreign markets - for the first time in 10 years the probability of a crisis of overproduction is extremely high.
On March 23, within the framework of the project "Cannabis University" on the basis of the National University of Bioresources and Nature Management (Kiev), the International Conference "Konoplevodstvo 2017" was held. In addition to the participants who came to the event from all regions of Ukraine, representatives of companies and companies engaged in the cultivation, processing and sales of technical hemp in Litva, Russia, Spain, Kazakhstan and France participated in the conference. The events that took place within the framework of the conference will be described a little later, but conclusions for participants of the national hemp market are important, which can already be done.
The main trends of the hemp market in our country are reflected in the following theses:
- the market of technical hemp in the world in certain segments continues to develop rapidly, but in certain industries it reaches its saturation;
- The products of Ukrainian high-value-added cannabis companies experience severe competition in the markets of North and South America, Asia, and Europe. It is necessary to state that while in the world market we are able to provide mostly raw materials, and not a final product with high added value;
- at the moment we are a raw material appendage of Europe, which is extremely dependent on the conjuncture of the external market;
- the national hemp market is extremely small, and its increase occurs spontaneously, without any development strategy;
- The remaining capacity for processing cannabis morally obsolete. Significant financial resources in the deep processing are invested only by individual companies, in contrast to the advanced cannabis countries, where the increase in crop areas is supported by the improvement of the existing capacities and the construction of new deep processing facilities;
- imperfection of the regulatory framework inhibits the further development of both individual branches of cannabisry and the entire industry;
- In Ukraine, industrial hemp areas of technical hemp have been doubled for five consecutive years, and processing is practically non-existent. In 2016, we went through the areas of crops to the level of the 90's, only then there were more than 20 primary processing plants in the country, and now their number does not reach even 5. On the eve of the sowing campaign of 2017, there are a large number of prerequisites for reaching the maximum saturation threshold of the internal Market, the inability to compete with its products in foreign markets - for the first time in the last 10 years, the probability of an overproduction crisis is extremely high.
The ways of solving the tasks that the world market poses to Ukrainian hawks is extremely acute:
- systemic development of the internal market;
- the need to invest significant financial resources in the establishment of facilities for deep processing;
- participation or initiation of international contracts;
- further improvement of the regulatory and legal framework aimed at facilitating the activities of national agricultural producers specializing in cultivation, as well as processing technical hemp;
- the need for crystallization of efforts around projects, within which it is possible to create competitive hemp products, for further promotion of it to interested in economically developed countries.




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