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Cannabis - topical issues of cultivation


Within the framework of the project "Hemp University" from 27 to 31 March, a seminar-training "Industrial hemp - urgent issues of cultivation" will be held on the basis of the Institute of Bast Crops of the National Academy of Sciences (Sumy region, Glukhov, Tereshchenko St., 45). The joint event will be held by leading experts of the cannabis industry of our country, members of the Association "Ukrainian technical hemp".
Theme and content of the seminar-training sessions:
Industrial hemp - innovative agricultural culture of the XXI century
• Modern uses of cannabis
• World tendencies in the development of cannabis
• Economic efficiency of cannabis production
• Technical hemp in Ukraine
Botanical and biological features of industrial crops of technical hemp
• Environmental and sexual types
• Morphology and Anatomy
• phenological phases and requirements to yield factors
Modern varieties of industrial hemp and seed system
Varieties suitable for growing in Ukraine, and promising breeding material
• Comparative characteristics of varieties
Seed-breeding of monoecious varieties
• Indicators of seed quality
• Varietal control
• Method of sampling from seed crops for testing in specialized institutions for maintenance of THC
Technology of growing industrial hemp
• Precursors and crop rotation
• Soil cultivation
• Fertilizer system
• Care of crops
Harmful organisms and methods of their control
• Pests
• Diseases
Technology and technical means of collecting industrial hemp
• Terms and methods of cleaning
• Technical means for collection and their adjustment
• Health and safety
Innovative directions of processing of hemp raw materials
• Processing of fiber raw materials
• Grain processing
• Directions for processing the kostra
• Quality indicators of hemp raw materials
Legislative base for cultivation of industrial crops of technical hemp in Ukraine

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