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International conference "Konoplevodstvo 2017"


Order No. 171 of 9.03.17 "On the preparation and conduct of the International Scientific and Practical Conference" Konoplevodstvo 2017 "
The event is held with the aim of providing up-to-date information on the market of low-cannabis hemp in the world and the place of our country in the world of cannabis production.
Within the framework of the "Hemp University" project on the basis of the National University of Bioresources and Nature Management (NUBiP, Kyiv) on March 23, the International Conference "Hemp breeding 2017" will be held for the first time on the territory of our country. The event is held to provide the members of the Association and representatives of enterprises of other agricultural sectors of our country with up-to-date information on the market of low-cannabis hemp in the world and the place of our country in the world's cannabis production. The main purpose of the International Conference is to motivate the representatives of the agricultural sector of our country, international and national financial institutions not only to invest in the cultivation of industrial crops of technical hemp, but also to build capacities for its primary and deep processing, to create thematic clusters in the most profitable branches of the hemp industry.
Ukrainian selection and seed production of technical hemp is one of the most advanced branches of world agriculture. Our specialists have created and cultivate unique unique non-narcotic monoecious cannabis varieties that have become the foundation of the renaissance of world hemp breeding. National varieties of low-cannabis hemp are not only one of the most effective phyto-mediates (they contribute to the renewal of soil fertility), but are also capable of growing on soils unfit for other agricultural crops. Technical hemp breeding is one of the most highly profitable and advanced branches of agriculture not only in Ukraine, but also in the world. Hemp ingredients are used in the manufacture of textiles and knitwear, cosmetology, pharmacology, food, construction, zoobusiness, the manufacture of modern biocomposite materials, as well as in many other areas of the modern economy. The importance of industrial crops of technical hemp as a source of renewable raw materials - can not be overemphasized. Hemp bioenergetics is a world trend in the development of alternative energy sources. The production of hemp bioplastics is an innovative industry that allows to create 100% -developable eco-friendly material with low production costs and gives a real alternative to petrochemical products.
The conference will bring together specialists from Germany, Belgium, France, Litva, Spain, Kazakhstan, leading Ukrainian experts in this and related fields of management. Within the framework of the conference, the participants will discuss promising directions for the development of cannabisry and related markets actively using hemp raw materials, and exchange practical experience. One of the most important aspects of the conference is the development of international cooperation. Experts from North and South America, Asia, Australia, Europe and even Africa come regularly to the consultations of leading Ukrainian carpet growers who are interested in effective cooperation, the development of cannabis cultivation in their countries and the production of a huge range of goods currently manufactured from technical hemp.
Within the framework of the scientific and practical conference there will be an exhibition and sale of products and products made from hemp ingredients by the leaders of the national cannabis industry. In the course of business negotiations or a coffee break, you can try the dishes of hemp cuisine made by Ukrainian culinary specialists specializing in this kind of food theme.
The program of the conference includes reports and exchange of practical experience in the field of industry:
selection / seed production / agricultural technologies - the basis for the development of modern cannabisry;
food products - analysis of world trends in this market, directions of its further development, as well as the economic component of the deep processing of hemp raw materials;
cosmetics - use of hemp components in body care products
• Pharmacology - the state in the world and in Ukraine, the prospects of using technical hemp as therapeutic agents;
• cellulose - world and national experience of using technical hemp for the production of pulp and paper products;
• Bioenergy is an inefficiently used, inexhaustible source of environmentally friendly hemp raw materials, as one of the main alternatives to traditional fossil fuels;
• biocomposites - as an alternative to plastics, plastics and even fiberglass;
construction - global and national trends in the construction of buildings and structures using various construction materials made on hemp basis;
fabrics / textiles / knitwear / hemp leather shoes - the guarantee of the existence of a healthy nation.
Objectives of the event:
- development of the industry in Ukraine,
- the mutual integration of the institutions of hemp breeding and related spheres of management, the creation of clusters for increasing productivity and profitability,
- development of the scientific, agrarian and production base,
- attracting international and national investors to participate in the implementation of the most economically sound projects.
- National University of Bioresources and Nature Management
Conference   participants:
Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, Ministry of Internal Affairs, State Service of Ukraine for Drugs and Drug Control, Association "Ukrainian Technical Hemp", Institute of Bast Crops of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, National University of Bioresources and Nature Management, National University of Food Technologies, Kherson National University of Technology, Nezhinsky Agrotechnical Institute of NUBiP of Ukraine, Baltic Association of Producers and Processors of Bast Crops, ReaciroLabs (Spain), Kagaz Shahary SEZ LLP (Kazakhstan), Laroche (France), Avekona LLC, Group of Companies "Linen of Desna" , Alengroup, Hemps, Hempire, LLC "Natural Cosmetics", AstroLax Invest, FG "Ecosvit" and others.
Location: Kiev, st. Metro "Exhibition Center", st. Heroes of Defense 11 (Building 10), Lecture Hall No. 228 - National University of Bioresources and Nature Management (NUBiP).
Conference start: 10:00
Registration of participants and media representatives: from 9:00 am
For more information, please contact:
Contact person Ignatyuk Alexander Leonidovich
Phones +38 067 4443073; +38 095 7007759; +38 093 7356443


Alexander Ignatyuk
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