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Research in the use of French hemp biocomposites in small architectural forms


In 2016 the project was awarded in the competition of innovations Jardins Jardin design.
Engineers, architects and chemists led France and continued research in the field of construction and manufacturing structures made of hemp raw materials, in order to find new solutions to limit their impact on the environment. Thus, the new building material of hemp biocomposite - is a way of obtaining new generating capacity, the beginning of a new attitude towards urbanism, based on local resources, with high added value for certain territories.
Region Champagne-Ardenne is one of the biggest producers of cannabis among the regions of France. new composites based on hemp, which became the basis for the production constructions tested first with 3D graphics, and then to reduce the architectural prototypes In a joint project with a local network of Biochemistry manufacturers have been established.


The studies were conducted in the laboratory of a local organization «la maison des Compagnons du Devoir de Muizon», which is a national educational training center for carpenters. Participating in such an event was aimed at searching for new directions in carpentry by combining modern technological methods of production and traditional manual labor.
The project included two research directions:
- the first was to create a building material, has no negative impact on the environment. Working closely with industry experts to create biocomposites on a natural basis, the participants set themselves the goal to provide consumers with innovative products with improved organoleptic and mechanical properties, and also capable of reducing the physical load on the carpenters in the construction works;
- the second line of research was to create a flood of forms, developed in collaboration with journeymen carpenter training center for wood processing.


Filler form


Details of hemp biocomposite
The project's objective is to own the implementation of an organization's network, as well as identifying new links between research, development, and production. With the support of IAR center, whose main task is the development and advancement of biochemistry for use in industrial applications, and Codem (state industrial workshop on creating structural materials of agricultural raw materials), we have innovative technology, combined with traditional approaches masters. The results are given in the prototype small architectural form, below.


In 2016 this project was awarded in the competition Jardins Jardin design innovation.



Lana Royko
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