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Features free use of cannabidiol


European Association of Industrial Hemp (EIHA) last week sharply criticized the policies of individual pharmaceutical companies conducting activities aimed at banning the use of cannabidiol in the free market.
European Association of industrial hemp (European Industrial Hemp Association, EIHA) last week sharply criticized the policies of individual pharmaceutical companies conducting activities aimed at banning the use of cannabidiol (CBD) on the open market. Such action on the part of EIHA due to the processes, the results of which are already taking place in Germany and the UK. In its appeal the European association of industrial hemp called upon to do everything possible to prevent the prohibition on the use of cannabidiol in the free market.
According to representatives of EIHA, in the case of widespread distribution restrictions initiated by pharmaceutical companies on free sale beznarkoticheskih cannabinoids, a number of firms specializing in the extraction and production of various kinds of products, which includes the CBD will have to leave the market - be ruined. In an official statement EIHA states that "Such processes serve the interests of several pharmaceutical companies, undermining the foundations of the CBD nascent industry. Further adoption of this kind of legal acts on the territory of the EU restricts access a huge number of citizens who already regularly use CDB-production, widespread in the food industry, as well as cosmetics. " In EIHA official address to the European Union, the Government states that "the European and national authorities should not restrict the use of cannabidiol only pharmaceuticals. There is no reason for some to any restrictions on access to CBD in connection with a wide range of favorable physiological effects on the human body and absolute safety for the human body of its application. Events in Europe threatened to generate even greater flurry of attacks on the nascent worldwide CBD industry, which began last year in the US, where regulatory authorities of this country called questionable therapeutic effect of the CBD. "
The first alarm in Europe on the organization antikannabinoidnogo lobby was filed on 1 October. It is in this day in Germany an amendment to the Federal Regulations on prescription drugs, in which all CDB products are ranked as such, which should be issued only on prescription.
Supporters of the CBD-industry offers a three-tier regulatory framework the use of cannabinoid products on the market. High doses of CBD should be contained in the medications should be dispensed by prescription only those categories of products which have a lower percentage of the CBD, but in size, which theoretically could have a negative impact on the human body. The third level is defined for foodstuffs or cosmetics, which will be sold in the public domain and in its composition contain trace amounts of cannabidiol. Such a three-tiered approach is similar to sales on the market of certain categories of vitamins and products rich in iron.
In his address EIHA notes that "Unfortunately, totally ignored the facts, according to which any whatsoever negative effects may not be observed at doses of CBD about 200 mg per day for an adult. "The Convention on Biological Diversity," works very well even at doses much higher than the above threshold. It was in Germany, it held the idea that the use of CBD in any dose is safe for the human body, however, the adoption of the above amendments, "destroyed the chance of widespread use of cannabidiol."
A few days ago the Agency of medicinal products and medical devices (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, MHRA) UK issued a "review", which indicates that the CBD has the effect of 'restoring, correcting or changes to individual physiological functions "and is essentially equivalent to a drug means for the spread of which require a prescription. MHRA has sent letters to suppliers CBD products in the UK, which indicated that the sale of the CBD products can be carried out exclusively by prescription, and that the non-prescription sale of products which includes cannabidiol must end with the November 1, 2016.
Most of the CBD manufacturers products in the UK that have received written notification from the MHRA say that they are forced to stop trading cannabinoid products, but some major representatives of the British CBD industry argue that they will fight for their rights. Particularly high hopes for a joint meeting Cannabis Trade Association UK (UKCTA) with the MHRA, to be held on 3 November. The association has developed a complete set of position papers "reasonable regulation cannabidiol in food products, cosmetics and natural medicine based on herbs."
Comment of the Association "Ukrainian industrial hemp"
Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychotropic cannabinoids contained in the technical hemp. In 2016 on the territory of the European Union cultivated about 30 thousand ha of industrial crops industrial hemp. Cannabidiol not only has a great positive effect on the human body, it does not use the identified side effects, even when entering into the body at high doses. Cannabidiol is effectively used in the developed countries of the world as a food supplement or in cosmetics, thereby creating a significant number of jobs in the field of contemporary konoplevodstva.
Trends related to the establishment of various kinds of administrative barriers aimed at the inability to sell on the open market of various types of cannabinoid drugs in the EU is extremely interested in Ukrainian growers. In the near future questions on the use of cannabinoids nepsihoaktivnyh at least in products and cosmetics will be topical in our country. Most likely Ukrainian cannabis growers face opposition nepsihoaktivnoy free sale of cannabis on the part of pharmaceutical companies who lobby their interests in Ukraine.
Alexander Ignatyuk
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