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The use of cannabis for the treatment of pets


Entrepreneurs working in the field zoobusiness longer makes sense to consider the use of cannabis leaves in order to create new products to "our younger brothers", including those that will help them deal with a variety of diseases.
Animal Behavior led by instinct, so when compared with a person less than animals think and feel more. Making prihvoravshego pet swallowing the healing pill is extremely difficult, but in its natural habitat he will find and eat exactly the blade of grass, which will support the strength and cure.
Since ancient times, people to notice that cats, dogs, rabbits and other pets "pinch" when they only suffer one form of grass or leaves of various herbs. Among "are popular" medicinal plants, which are often animals instinctively choose to treat their disease, hemp is the queen of medical zoobusiness.
Everybody knows that before a pharmacological drug gets on the shelves of pharmacies or stores, it is tested for different animals. Therefore, on the one hand, modern researchers in the laboratory for decades observed beneficial effects of cannabis on the process of treatment of various diseases in laboratory rats, on the other pet owners themselves are experimenting with the use of cannabis to treat their pets. The various types of electronic and printed media US media have published hundreds of cases that describe the use of cannabis to treat a number of diseases of pets, including seizures, inflammation, anxiety, chronic pain, etc.
Despite the fact that the use of cannabis in zoobusiness currently not allowed in the US market, US citizens regularly use cannabis to treat cats, dogs, pigs, horses, raccoons, hamsters, chinchillas, deer, bears, wild animals domesticated. They punctually share on social networks your experience of cannabis use in the healing of animals, on the basis of experiments on "our smaller brethren" in the US market appears more and more pharmaceutical products using hemp ingredients and state institutions not only do not want to admit it but also take an extremely destructive position in this matter. For example, management by the US Food and Drug Administration official said that there is no evidence of the use of beneficial properties of cannabis for the treatment of pets.
Veterinarians in the US do not have the right to prescribe cannabis for the treatment of pets, even in those states where the use of psychoactive cannabis permitted for pain relief in humans. In 2015, a bill authorizing the use of cannabis for the treatment of pets suffering from chronic diseases has been blocked in the state of Nevada. Life experience and personal observations are pushing Americans to various types of offenses, when they try to relieve the pain or to save their pets. For example, in states where cannabis is sold officially as a medicine, Americans are purchasing psychoactive cannabis allegedly for myself and trying on their own risk to treat pets, assure the effectiveness of the use of cannabis therapy.
The use of cannabis in zoobusiness already has its own history in Ukraine. In our country, widely used products from hemp seed, products from kostra and fiber. Given the opportunity to have it makes sense to consider the application, and this part of the plant in order to create new products to "our younger brothers", including those that will soon legalizing the use of industrial hemp leaf for industrial purposes, the entrepreneurs working in the field zoobusiness help them to fight various diseases.
Alexander Ignatyuk
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