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Why cannabinoid oil is used in cosmetic


The market is actively developing a new trend - the use of not only the hemp oil cold pressed hemp seeds, and use it cannabinoid oils (hemp oil saturated beznarkoticheskimi cannabinoids).
Many times in the pages of the electronic edition of profile Ukrainian growers considered the benefits of using hemp ingredients in various cosmetics. For the first time our European colleagues to share information on the use of cannabinoid oil in a variety of skin care products.
First of all, it should be noted that, in contrast to our country's oil cannabinoid product is legal in the EU countries, Israel, the US and Canada each year and enjoys increasing popularity among pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies as well as manufacturers of various hygiene products. It is systematically used in medicine and pharmacology almost all developed countries, and its use in cosmetics noted quite recently.
Hemp oil has in itself a huge range of positive qualities, successfully used in various cosmetic products. Due to the non-fatty amino acids, hemp oil has excellent moisturizing properties, thereby relieving dryness and irritation of the skin different. Another exclusive feature of hemp oil is its ability to protect against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, which significantly reduces the risk of developing melanoma and excellent prevention of cancer. The presence of significant amounts of vegetable protein promotes hair growth and imbues the skin with essential vitamins and antioxidants it. In addition, hemp oil has excellent antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory effect.
On the basis of hemp oil a number of pharmaceutical companies in Europe, Asia, North and South America, and Australia produce hemp oil, with the addition of various beznarkoticheskih cannabinoids cannabidiol mainly. The theoretical basis cannabinoid beneficial effects of oil on the skin is that the skin inherently contains a considerable amount of cannabinoid receptors. Therefore, the use of cosmetics containing a cannabinoid oil helps it not only to restore but also to "revive" the skin. That is why the use of cannabinoid oil in developed cosmetic lines in the world is increasing annually.
Comment of the Association "Ukrainian industrial hemp"
According to estimates of the cosmetic market experts, the worldwide turnover of the beauty industry is about fifty billion dollars. A considerable number of cosmetic companies in the economically developed countries of the world have gone through several stages of using hemp ingredients in the products produced by them in the past few years. First used as components exclusively natural cosmetics oil, cake and concentrate. Then the well-known cosmetic brands are massively created line of hemp products who are positioning this as an ecological cosmetics or natural, who are "entering" or substituting in recipes of their cosmetic products other raw materials. Now the market is actively developing a new trend - the use of not only the hemp oil cold pressed hemp seeds, and use it cannabinoid oils (hemp oil saturated beznarkoticheskimi cannabinoids).
On the territory of our country already have cosmetic companies, creating a line of products based on hemp oil. However, in contrast to foreign firms engaged in the development and sale of products based on cannabinoid oil Ukrainian cosmetologists can not yet use the cannabinoid oil. That is why, under the order of the Association developed a mechanism by which already in 2017 will enter the market cosmetic products, rich beznarkoticheskimi cannabinoids.
Alexander Ignatyuk
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