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Hemp bioplastic in the automotive industry


French agricultural cooperative and the company Faurecia set up a joint venture specializing in the production of hemp biocomposites.
Company Automotive Performance Materials (APM), together with French industrial hemp producers over the past 15 years conducted research aimed at obtaining biocomposite materials based on hemp. As one of the most famous in the world of automotive components suppliers, the company Faurecia has become a shareholder of one of the French cannabis cooperatives, the volume of sales and the number of produced products from hemp biocomposites produced in France and used in the automotive industry are increasing significantly. The actual amount of cannabis biocomposite pellets in 2016 could reach 8,000 tons, in monetary terms twice the performance in 2015 and reach the mark of € 3,2 Mill.
After the introduction of technology to create a door of the Peugeot 308 of hemp biocomposite material, the issue of creating a dashboard Alfa Romeo Giulia car using biocomposite material on the basis of hemp. The company brand has recently won a contract to build a new hemp interior Renault Megane car.
As a result, the use of vegetable fibers, the total weight of the final product is reduced by 20-25%. According to Director of APM Rafael Bert (Raphaël Berthoud), «it is important for several reasons - a lighter car uses a lot less fuel, developed by a method of obtaining hemp biocomposite does not require any additional improvements in the machinery, as well as any additional costs in manufacturing "technologies to implement.
Another advantage of car parts from hemp biocomposite materials is their cost, which is currently comparable to the cost of production of ordinary plastic, but due to the increased production volume tends to decrease it. In addition to environmentally friendly raw materials in the production of hemp biocomposite technology is also used up 20% of the polypropylene resin. The feedstock is formed into pellets, which are then used in the process of obtaining the final shape parts.
In order to enter new promising markets use hemp biocomposite materials, the company's management examines the creation of its subsidiaries in the United States and China's largest automotive markets.
Faurecia (Fores) - an international company for the production of automotive components. It is a subsidiary of PSA Peugeot Citroën. Designs and manufactures seats, bumpers, rubber mats, exhaust systems, interior instrument panels, center console and doors, as well as design the interiors of vehicles.
Renault Megane - a small family car, which came in 1995 to replace the Renault 19, produced by French automaker Renault Corporation.
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