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Flax and hemp composites at JEC World 2016

Environmental and energy needs, the search for more and more lightweight materials encourages the emergence of new composites, including on the basis of hemp

The market is extremely interesting variety of composite materials based on natural fibers, especially flax and hemp.
Held in early summer in Paris JEC World International in 2016 it became the world's largest events of biocomposite materials market. The exhibition took place in an area of ​​62,000 square meters. m, in which products 1,300 exhibitors were represented. According to the organizers, in the course of the event was visited by 36,946 professionals from more than 100 countries worldwide.
The exhibitors were marked trend, according to which the market is extremely interesting variety of composite materials based on natural fibers, especially flax and hemp. In the course of the exhibition showcased products and technologies, based on the physical and mechanical properties of flax or hemp raw materials.
Products made of flax and hemp composite materials


Technical textiles and musical equipment


Sports and recreation



Organizer JEC SA changed the name of the event in Paris with JEC Europe at the JEC World.
JEC Composites - held annually since 1965 and collects a huge amount of highly skilled professionals in all continents of the world. For 50 years, JEC Composites is one of the most significant events in the field of composite materials. JEC Composites exhibition interesting not only for specialists chemical industry and the plastics industry. Every year, visitors JEC Composites are registered representatives of aerospace, shipbuilding, automotive, construction, railway industry, municipal services, manufacturers of plumbing and many others.
Main sections of the exhibition JEC Composites:
• production equipment, technology, semi-finished and finished products made of composite materials;
• fiber, polymeric materials, plastics, technical textiles, carbon fibers, ceramides, resins, adhesives, adhesives;
• rubber materials (including reinforced and heat resistant);
• fillers and special additives and components;
• Software, information technology;
• outsourcing, consulting, transportation and logistics.
Turnover composite industry is currently estimated to different professionals is about 60-80 bln. Euro. In tonnage terms, the market volume of up to 10.0 mln. Tons.
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