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The use of cannabis in the ancient surgery


The history of the use of cannabis as an analgesic during surgery has more than 3000 years.
Scientists from the Novosibirsk Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography found that physicians Bronze Age brain surgery was performed, examining male skull found in 2015 in a burial ground in the parking lot of ancient people in the Krasnoyarsk Territory.
The attention of scientists has attracted a hole in the left parietal lobe, which, according to scientists, is the result of brain surgery or craniotomy. Patient related to Karasuk culture, died at the age of 30 to 40 years. Archaeologists believe that the injuries found on the skull of early man have been produced as a result of surgery. Russian scientists believe that this man lived for some time after the operation, his left parietal bone was healing signs along with signs of an inflammatory reaction in the bone plate.
To reduce the pain to a minimum used psychoactive substance. Scientists believe that ancient healers have helped herbs such as thyme, juniper and used in shamanic practices. In the case of the Bronze Age, the most obvious analgesic operations likely was psychoactive hemp.
After the patient's consciousness is exposed to drugs, laid his head on his knees surgeon. I helped carry out operations assistant, which stretched the skin around the edges of the wound, to open the way for tools to grind bone. Archaeologists have noted that "Such a cut scalp was described by Hippocrates - 600 years after the above-mentioned case of anthrax craniotomy."
The hole scraping to the dura mater, and then was covered by skin. It is unclear how and how to disinfect the wound was treated, but some ethnographic documents indicate that during such operations sanitary procedures are respected. Scientists are not sure what kind of instrument was used during the operation, but apparently it was not just a knife, a scraper is used specifically for medical purposes.
The use of psychoactive cannabis during surgery was observed in a number of ancient civilizations. For example, the remains of 13 people lived in the Bronze Age have identical damage to the skull, showing the operations for craniotomy. According to anthropologists and modern physicians, most ancient of patients successfully "survived" this kind of operation. In 2016, researcher at the German Archaeological Institute has once again found in the south of Russia certificate of this kind of brain surgery ancient man.
In ancient times, cannabis was used as an analgesic, not only during surgical operations but also as a means to help cope with constant pain sensations.
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