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American businessman built a multimillion-dollar business, growing cannabis near Zhitomir


Now, in collaboration with entrepreneurs that commercial grades of hemp grown near Zhitomir, already known to interested European and world giants of the automotive and aircraft industry.
For the second consecutive year, entrepreneurs are grown near Zhitomir about a hundred hectares of cannabis. At first glance it may seem that it is a haven for drug addicts, but this is a technical hemp and psychoactive effect on humans does not produce.
To ensure that no content of drug plants is constantly checked specialists of the State Service for Drug Control. Experts are selected from several dozen plants, and after receiving the test results, if the THC content of the cannabis will not exceed the admissible limits, the service allows you to harvest.
"Testing is conducted according to the principle: when it is flowering hemp, is a 20-centimeter incision NIEKTS sent to the Interior Ministry of Ukraine for examination. That is, the content of cannabinoids, marijuana and the so-called harmful substances. If cannabinoids not permitted to harvest. First, before sown hemp, seeds, too, are examined. This technical grade cannabis. That is, it is absolutely harmless and safe. Selection is done with each field. According to the principle of "envelope": edge of the field, in the middle and even the edge of the field. That is, each field is made thirty cuts and they were collected and sent for examination, "- says Deputy Head of Vinnytsya Interregional Department of State Service for Drug Control Andrei Korchevnaya.
Grow hemp, which at first glance may seem like some kind of drug plantations in the Zhytomyr region took American Andrew Kinsel. Now, the company headed by him among the top twenty world leaders in terms of technical varieties of cannabis. Total in Zhytomyr region Andrew Kinsel with partners grows about eight hectares of cannabis. Businessman says that Ukrainian grain fiber and hemp are highly valued in the world, and they can be used completely differently.
"A lot of research work done now on, such as grain. If you eat grains, it is very useful for human health. I heard that one of the French milk producers, pays farmers for milk more cows if they eat a certain percentage of hemp. Because it adds flavor and nutrients in milk. Just now there is a law in Europe plastic change on natural products, and hemp fiber - the strongest. Well, and ropes, we all know that a hundred years ago, all the ropes were made from hemp, because it is stronger than anything ", - says the businessman Andrew Kinsel.
With regard to warnings that may cause such kind of fields sown hemp, the American states in Ukraine is very strict laws on the content of drugs, so all the plants are thoroughly tested in the laboratory.
"There is some kind of psychotropic materials do not exist. If suddenly someone wants to smoke it, he coughed twice and all. There's no content. That is, here the content of these substances - all below. And so we are now in the testing and send to America, and Australia, and in Europe ", - says Andrew Kinsel.
Inspect the field where grown such huge amounts of cannabis, and invited representatives of local authorities.
"From the point of view of local authorities, it is very pleasing to us that this new product is grown in our area. This hemp technical culture. That planted on 100 hectares of land. Investors have invested money here. I think that the prospect is, if they gather the harvest, will consider what will yield and how to act further. I think that even in the area of ​​the square will be increased if it is profitable. Let's look at the yield, "- says the chairman of district administration Chernyakhovskaya Pavel Ignatenko.
Now, in collaboration with entrepreneurs that commercial grades of hemp grown near Zhitomir, already known to interested European and world giants of the automotive and aircraft industry.
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