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Biocomposites based on hemp


The reasons for the use of cannabis biocomposites few: reduced weight, increased safety, a minimum negative impact on the environment during production, maintenance or utilization, increased durability, economy.
Today bioplastic based on hemp so common in European industry, it is possible to speak of thousands of items of products, without which life today is difficult to imagine. Modern technology is so advanced that the biocomposite made of hemp and children's toys, food containers, various household products, as well as a significant number of modern cars details.
Common plastic fractions prepared from different oil products, which in essence is a limited resource. Another significant drawback of the standard plastic is that after it has been used and goes to landfill, its natural recycling lasts for thousands of years. Expanding, plastic from petroleum products for its aggressive components pollute not only the soil, but also water, and in the case of a concentration of up to certain values, create conditions for the emergence of man-made disaster and the unsuitability of the territories for the conduct of business or residence of people on it.
Modern bioplastics and biocomposites specially created to solve the above problems. New samples of clean and safe plastics and polymers made from vegetable raw materials, and the best plant, suitable for use as the basis of biopolymers and biocomposites experts unanimously recognize hemp. From biocomposites on hemp-based modern technologies allow to make everything in the world today is produced from conventional plastic or polyethylene.
In contrast to the usual plastic or plastic, hemp biocomposites without much difficulty can be recycled, and further decomposition and painless to safe for the environment and human components. Falling on the landfill products biocomposite materials based on hemp decompose over 5-7 years, as opposed to conventional plastics, for which it is necessary to tens of centuries.
Currently on the market there are dozens of varieties of hemp biocomposites - from standard plastics reinforced with hemp fiber, up to 100% hemp bioplastics, made entirely from hemp. The most common currently are conventional polymers or plastics, in which there are hemp fibers. The advantage of such materials is that they are positioned on the market as a bioplastic, less polluting for disposal and strength properties superior to conventional plastics derived from petroleum. Sometimes the plastics used in modern hemp other components - oil, hemp pulp, or other derivatives of the fibers and hemp.
Comparative experiments demonstrate that composite hemp five times stiffer and 2.5 times stronger than polypropylene. Its use is more efficient compared to the operation of plastic reinforced with glass fiber. Another advantage hemp biocomposites is that bioplastic materials hemp can be produced on conventional equipment where oil is produced from plastic.
At the moment, the main raw material of modern industry, which produces plastic is derived refinery. However petrochemical compositions are not the only way to obtain various types of plastics. Plastics can be made from plant cellulose, as well as hemp pulp is the largest manufacturer on the planet (it can contain up to 85% of cellulose), it is economically feasible to produce biodegradable plastics from hemp or other organic substances, rather than to allow increases the area of ​​landfills. In addition, there are analogues of the production technology of film packaging material from raw hemp, and its production cost is comparable to conventional cellophane.
One of the Australian companies was patented biocomposite material is 100% biodegradable, completely made of hemp and corn. This cutting-edge material has a unique technology and strength characteristics that scientists have so far scientists have not fully been able to study. It is this material can be the basis of any shape forming exhaust. Another Australian company established hemp resin is actively used for the production of musical instruments, speakers and furniture.
Hemp biocomposites are widely used in the automotive industry. Such global auto industry giants like Ford, GM, Chrysler, Saturn, BMW, Honda, Mercedes is actively used in the models produced by them cars biocomposite materials based on hemp. The reasons for which all European automakers are switching to hemp biocomposites few: reduced weight, increased safety, a minimum negative impact on the environment during production, maintenance or utilization, increased durability, economy.
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