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Hemp thread for 3D printers


The authors of the Italian start-up in April 2016 patented an innovative hemp thread, suitable for use in 3D printers.
HempBioPlastic (HBP) - is a brown thread, entirely derived from waste hemp industry has proven highly effective product for the new generation of 3D-printers.
In April 2015 the company under the leadership of the authors startup Milazzo Giovanni (Giovanni Milazzo) and Antonio Caruso (Antonio Caruso) has applied for a patent developed by them biocomposite made of hemp waste industry. Italians get a patent, since April 2016, the company carried out to promote the product developed by them on the international market.
 The procedure for the production of bioplastic products from hemp
Comparative tests demonstrate that HempBioPlastic may primarily be used to produce articles by injection molding. Compared with its main competitors - polysynthetic materials that are currently used for the production of 3D products, items made from HBP 20% lighter and 30% stronger. Microgranules vegetable origin, embedded in a thermoplastic resin is used to create HempBioPlastic, significantly improves bonding of the individual layers in the final product 3D printing process. Another competitive feature HempBioPlastic is its competitive price, which is much lower than synthetic analogues, as well as a minimum effect on the environment during the production of yarns, and in the subsequent disposal of products made from it.
Comment of the Association "Ukrainian industrial hemp"
3D printing is one of the fastest growing and evolving markets in developed countries. Market analysts predict that the number of 3D printers are used around the world in 2016 will be more than doubled in 2015. According to them, the amount of annual sales of 3D printers around the world will increase by 100% up to 2019 and will exceed 5.6 million units worldwide. If the worldwide use of biocomposite materials based on hemp is growing rapidly, in Ukraine in the hemp business direction is observed almost complete calm.
Alexander Ignatyuk
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