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The US Environmental sports car made of hemp (video)


Hemp prototype cars from the 40s completely collected and worked on cannabis, while being three times more environmentally friendly than the most advanced electric vehicles on the market today.
As a basic platform for a new car, Bruce Michael Dietz inventor took the car Mazda Miata. Despite the fact that new sports car chassis left their native standard polymeric housing has been completely replaced by a biocomposite based on hemp fiber. The resulting model of the inventor was named «Renew» - «Update».
Since the laws of the State of Florida, which is home to the inventor, did not allow him to cultivate the necessary research on their own cannabis, Mr Dittsenu had ordered hemp fiber from China. According to him, the construction of a sports car body, it took 45 kilograms of industrial hemp. Externally, the car body looks indistinguishable from the usual steel or polymers, but in fact, it consists entirely of natural hemp fibers, which are not inferior to the strength characteristics of the finest examples of automotive steel. In addition, the plant material is also much easier for the usual autostructure fiberglass, so the car weighs just one and a half tons, together with the sports engine of 525 horsepower, giving the car excellent value for body weight to the engine power. According to the inventor, in the case of mass production of his car, he will also be able to bring to market "relief model", weighing 1000 kg, equipped with an engine of 255 horsepower, with an additional turbo, as well as the model of the car, with a fully electric motor.
Among other things, the author of the project has improved the engine of your device. Now the "heart of the vehicle" can run on biobutanol - fuel produced from agricultural residues, smelling like a mixture of vegetable waste and sawdust, with the addition of the alcohol component. Despite its environmental friendliness, the new machine is fast enough on the road and looks very similar to a stylish sports roadster.
Mr. Dietz is promoting his invention, traveling on it across the country, as well as taking the path of his own documentary series dedicated to the beneficial properties of cannabis and the possibility of its application in the automotive industry. He hoped that such a demonstration of its environmental car will convince politicians to lift the ban with the cultivation of industrial hemp crop technology in the United States and legalize its economic use.
Author of the project hopes to expand the range of applications of technical hemp in his car on a considerable part of the various elements of the chassis and the car to try to sell hemp in the US market at a starting price of $ 42,000.
It is said that inspired Mr. Dittsen to create a car from hemp biocomposite Henry Ford, who in 1941 created the first full-blooded hemp car.
Comment of the Association "Ukrainian industrial hemp"
In 1941, the founder of the largest US automaker Henry Ford assembled prototype car models made of vegetable fibers, including those from industrial hemp. In addition, the creator of Ford Motor Company became the pioneer of alternative fuels for vehicles, collecting the world's first internal combustion engine that runs on industrial hemp oils. Ford Experiments significantly outperformed their time. Its unique hemp car prototypes of the 40s completely collected and worked on cannabis, while being three times more environmentally friendly than the most advanced electric vehicles on the market today.

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