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Growing hemp in Estonia grows - 90% is exported


Co-founder «OÜ Perfect Plant» Ago Seiner
In Estonia, the number of farms is growing rapidly since 2004, growing industrial hemp, the area of ​​industrial crops in the next few years can reach thousands of hectares. Already in 2015, cannabis was planted in Estonia about 900 hectares.
According to one of the founders and owners of «OÜ Perfect Plant» Estonian company AGO konoplevodcheskoy Siynera "Return to the Estonian hemp field was slow and quite heavy. Due to lack of information, specific knowledge, lack of relevant experience ".
As a result, industrial hemp industrial cultivation of crops revealed that cultivar grown for fiber production in Estonia can grow up to three meters in height, while maintaining the excellent quality of the final product. However, Estonia has no capacity to process such hemp and make it raw, so this needs to grow hemp stopped, and specialists of the company focused on grades Shrovetide direction, used in grocery and cosmetic business, in particular for the production of hemp oil.
The year 2007 was historic for this area, because the seven farms planted 150 hectares of cannabis for the purpose of production of hemp oil and seed yield was sold to Germany. A year has already planted 170 hectares, including - the first ecological field in Saaremaa. Then, the purchase price was low - about 50 cents per kilogram, and grow because it was not cost-effective nstolko.
But already in 2015 in Estonia cannabis it was planted about 900 hectares of land. Who is exported around 90% in Estonia grown hemp seed.
According to Mr. Siynera reason for interest in the hemp to the market price increases: in Europe the cost of hemp seed is already in the range 1.60-1.80 euros. He suggests that in the spring of 2016 in Estonia hemp can be sown about a thousand hectares of land.
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