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In the garden Hemp


Among Agribusinessmen who grow industrial hemp in the Ukraine, so goes the bike: in the most famous museum of hemp Hash Marihuana Hemp Museum in Amsterdam is a portrait of Ukrainian breeder Paul Goloborodko signed "enemy number 1 of marijuana." This "title" scientist awarded not for the fight against cannabis, and for the development of non-narcotic variety of this plant, which began to grow hemp instead of traditional.
Bike magazine "New Times" told Vladimir Yakymchuk, co-owner of an agricultural enterprise that grows in the Vinnitsa region the most non-narcotic hemp. During its three-year history the company has managed to export their own grain of hemp in Europe. And entered into a contract for $ 0.5 million. On the delivery of high-quality cannabis seeds in Kazakhstan.
Do business Yakymchuk inspired book of the American entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki "Rich Dad Poor Dad", whose author writes about entrepreneurship.
About the business Yakymchuk reflected in the crisis of 2008, that he met at the post of director general of the network Sportmaster in Ukraine. "I decided it was time to stop working at his uncle and start something of their own," - says the businessman.
As a result, I decided to join the agribusiness - because it is the only industry where even a medium-sized company can produce a competitive product abroad. "I do not want to depend on domestic market ie fluctuations of the national currency", - explains Yakymchuk.
Accurate planning and study of all possible options have become the style of the work created by him and three other companions in 2012, agricultural enterprises.
The initial investment - about $ 20 thousand -. Went out of their own savings for the purchase of modern equipment and the expansion of the land bank. He was initially small - just 10 hectares.
Business fate decided casual birthday. There Yakymchuk heard about industrial hemp, the profitability of which is twice higher than that of traditional for Ukraine of grains and oilseeds. After studying the question, the entrepreneur has learned that on this lucrative market, few competitors. The fact that only in 2012 the technical hemp became profitable to grow: just as in Ukraine abolished the rules according to which the flowering plant should protect Civil service protection, taking over its services solid money.
Norma meaningless, because industrial hemp contains virtually no THC - the substance causing drug intoxication.
Another discovery for the entrepreneur is that the global market for hemp grain is huge. Textiles, clothing, cosmetics, food - this is an incomplete list of products for the production of which it is used. For example, hemp cosmetics line produces the world famous brand The Body Shop, which is included in L`Oreal Group.
By planting a promising culture Yakymchuk approached with the same care as for market research. "He was the first among the other growers did everything for Science", - says Alexander Ignatyuk, president of the Association "Ukrainian industrial hemp." In particular, I began to count the amount of fertilizer, depending on the mineral composition of the soil. In addition, the owner is very meticulously picking up seeds and calculates the optimal time of sowing. Through this approach, it always gets agro stable high yield.
The first foreign customer of the company has become a manufacturer Yakymchuk energy bars from Romania, who bought the commodity hemp seed. "We just sent out your presentation in those companies which have found in the Internet", - says the businessman. And the offer began to make even before the harvest: to work in international companies Yakymchuk knew that overseas procurement and delivery of raw materials plan ahead.
But this year Yakymchuk will no longer look for clients on the Internet. He received a grant from the EBRD to carry out research in strategic management and marketing for export markets. In other words, a consulting company is looking for Yakymchuk the most attractive segments of the market, as well as countries with high potential for exports. Bank pays 75% of the value of these studies.
And not urozhay2016 seeded second at Yakymchuk already almost sold out. Businessman with partners entered into a five-year kotnrakt at $ 0.5 million. For the supply of quality seeds in Kazakhstan. There hemp stalks are going to use as raw material for paper production. A Ukrainian manufacturer increases the return per hectare - varietal seeds are more expensive than conventional commodity grain.
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