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The first license in Jamaica officially allow to work with hemp will be issued in 2016


Yamal Bureau Cannabis Regulation (CLA) said that the process of reviewing applications for the organization of enterprises in the field of hemp business officially starts on April 4 this year.
According to the Bureau representative, service officials, at the moment, complete revision of the rules relating to the regulation of hemp industry, suggesting that the full set of rules, as well as requirements for obtaining a business license, will be known to the public by the end of April.
According to the release of the above-mentioned state agencies, by the end of the month, every citizen interested in the conduct of its hemp business, will be able to get acquainted with the criteria pass the test to receive a business license, and obtain the necessary for a formal application for certification at the local municipal government office.
"According to the basic provisions of the law on the legalization of medical cannabis production, the citizens of Jamaica will be able to obtain a business license of one of the 11 types, belonging to 5 different categories in the field of production and distribution of cannabis. For example, one person will be able to obtain a license to set up shop in the area of ​​cultivation, processing , sale or transportation of medical cannabis. there will also be a separate license for the study of therapeutic properties of the plant ", approved by the Bureau in a press release. "In addition, a set of rules specifically designed to encourage the participation of small, individual entrepreneurs from rural and agricultural cooperatives to work in the hemp industry. For their involvement in this area of ​​production, special privileges will be granted in respect of licensing fees, as well as some of the exceptions to the the scope of the production of cannabis. "
"Of course, the main component of the regulatory system is the need of the recipient a license, regardless of whether it is natural or legal person, the presence of the resident status of the country, because the root of the entire program hemp Jamaica reform is encouraging the local population to participate in the development of this sphere of the economy" , the document states that the Bureau. "Foreign investors will be able to provide its expertise in the field of scientific research the properties of hemp, but not its mass culture."
According to the Bureau alleged that the state is ready to defer payment for the license for a period of up to one year after its receipt.
After licensing the beginning, the State undertakes to hold regular public meetings with the municipalities across the country to receive suggestions for further modification of the rules on the part of producers and industry professionals. Based on these data, the authorities promise to complete the establishment of a regulatory hemp business system to the beginning of May this year.
"We made a promise to citizens of Jamaica, that by the end of the current budget period, we will be able to establish in the country a clear set of rules governing the legal industry hemp production, and we are actively working on the execution of its obligations," said the press Bureau Head, Dr. André Gordon.
Alexander Ignatyuk
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