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Features of hemp cosmetics market


In economically developed countries of the world are actively developing industries based on the use as the main ingredients of hemp raw materials.
A clear example can be hemp cosmetology USA. In fact, not having its own raw material base, enthusiasts, first brought to the market, and is currently actively developing line of cosmetic products, which are based on the biological properties of seeds, leaves and inflorescences of cannabis. For example, beauticians Hempz American company based on 100% natural oil and hemp seed extract developed a 4 line means:
- Sun Care - bronzers based on hemp oil, shea and ginseng. With these tools, you can maintain the natural shade of tan for a year.
- Body - oil, scrub, cream for body care based on herbal extracts and refined hemp oil.
- Delicious Body - shower gel and scrub with flavors (pear, apple, peach, jasmine, wild rose, pomegranate, pineapple, melon, vanilla, plum).
- Couture - care products for hair styling (lotions, conditioners, shampoo, spray, etc.) Without sulfates, parabens and gluten.
As dictated by the conditions of modern cosmetic market, there are male and female line resources for the care of their appearance. In particular, the new line of products "Body Builder" is intended solely for the needs of hair and skin care products men. It includes a shampoo for hair and body, shaving gel, cream nourishing and moisturizing body lotion with aromas of citrus, basil, mint, cucumber, jasmine and violet, as well as a body scrub that contains extracts of sandalwood and apple.
In the production of male was taken into account that hemp oil softens and moisturizes the skin, contributing to its renewal and rejuvenation. And the remains of seeds after oil extraction - a well-dried and removed the hardened areas.
Comment of the Association "Ukrainian industrial hemp"
Starting from 2015 in our country can be seen trying to smaller cosmetic companies and individual growers launch the domestic market of various kinds of natural cosmetics using hemp ingredients. It should be noted that as elsewhere in the Ukrainian market there are natural cosmetic products (soaps, scrubs, balms, lotions), which used hemp raw materials, and there is a "brand" using hemp semilistnik only to attract the attention of customers. Even more sad by the fact that even if the add hemp raw materials into synthetic base cosmetics than sinning majority of market participants, the final product will no longer be a means of protection and restoration of the skin. Produced using this technology will be the usual cosmetics, albeit very expensive, synthetic means in a beautiful package, which kills the outer skin of the scalp and the person using it.
Alexander Ignatyuk
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