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The paper of the industrial (non-narcotic) hemp plan to produce in Kazakhstan


Development of technical konoplevodstva discussed at a meeting of the Secretariat of the Committee of the manufacturing industry of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan NPP).
Discussion of this subject was held with the participation of interested state bodies, business and trade associations. Also in the video conference to debate connected regions of Kazakhstan and the city of Kiev.
Moderator of the meeting, Deputy Secretary of the Committee manufacturing NPP RK "Atameken" Batyrbek Aubakirov noted that the meeting was held within the framework of import substitution policies. And one of the main issues on the agenda, is the production of paper-based industrial hemp.
"To date, imports of office paper is approximately 100 million US dollars. Meanwhile, when used properly, the raw capacity we could produce paper at Kazakhstan, thereby increasing revenue, reduce unemployment, and to move away from dependence on imports ", - said B.Aubakirov.
With him in solidarity and CEO «Kagaz Shahary SEZ» Maxim Skrynnik. According to him, today Kazakhstan office paper purchases in Russia and Finland, to which spent more than 30 bln. A year. "Our goal - to create the conditions for the construction of the plant for the production of a full cycle of paper and completely abandon the dependence on raw materials", - the businessman said.
"In search of raw materials, we have conducted studies. We explore the possibility of the production of paper from recycled materials, but abandoned this idea, since it is not possible to produce good quality paper. The second option - the paper of the reeds, the third - from flax and wheat. But these options are not approached for technical reasons due to lack of fiber fortress. Then, in the course of research, we are faced with something special, and even for me at the time awesome. Colleagues from agriculture have prompted us to explore the technical hemp. I did not immediately took seriously the idea. However, studies have shown that hemp can be obtained not only a unique cellulose for the full range of securities - from the banknote up to the packaging and office paper, but also a very good textile and food products ", - he said.
Skrynnik said that the staff paper mill studied the world experience in the use of hemp for industrial purposes, met with representatives of the business, investors, government agencies and research institutions in different countries. "Huge work carried out layer. We've put together a meeting to say that we are armed with international experience. Speaking briefly, then everywhere we have received only positive feedback about the culture, which is now going through, so to speak, a renaissance in the world ", - he said.
"Industrialists and farmers from different parts of the world was told how a promising crop. They particularly noted the unique climate of Kazakhstan for its cultivation ", - the businessman said.
According to him, today, many foreign investors are ready to cooperate with Kazakhstan in this direction. "We already have developments with some of the partners who are willing and ready to go to our market and deliver a range of modern facilities, as well as to revive the textile enterprises are experiencing difficulties within the Kazakhstan", - said Skrynnik.
However, according to the head Kagaz Shahary, for the smooth development of the industry is necessary to improve the legislation of RK. "First and foremost, it is necessary to change the attitude towards this culture. Kazakhstan law treats all varieties of cannabis as a narcotic. And this is not the case. There are non-narcotic variety, which we plan to do. In these sorts of psychoactive substance content is so small that it can not have any psychoactive effects on the human body ", - he said.
President of the Association "Ukrainian industrial hemp" Alexander Ignatyuk described the experience of his country in this regard. "Ukrainian breeding allowed to withdraw such varieties, which are not even theoretically socially dangerous", - he said.
Ignatyuk added that of non-narcotic hemp produced about 50 thousand. Different products. "Thank God that you have stakeholders who are willing to work on the production of paper. This experience is not new, it is in Italy, Switzerland and France. Thus, these countries keep their forests. The global market for non-narcotic hemp over the past 10 years has risen from zero to a few hundred billion dollars ", -. He said.
Deputy Director of the production and processing of crop production Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan Bakhyt Ilyasov, in turn, said that his department has nothing against the cultivation of industrial hemp. "Culture has a great potential, we do not deny it. In Soviet times it was cultivated in our country, then for obvious reasons of its production has been reduced to nothing. MOA clearly "for" the production of industrial hemp, "- he said.
Chief Expert of the management of chemical and pharmaceutical industries Industrial Development and Industrial Safety Committee of the Ministry for Investment and Development of Kazakhstan Didar Osemanov voiced concrete proposals Office for amendments to the law "On Drugs". According to him, the amendments should be: "The cultivation and harvesting cannabis plants containing narcotic drugs THC - tetrahydrocannabinol is less than 0.3%, and their use for commercial purposes is allowed and is not covered by this law in accordance with international conventions." "We also consider it appropriate to eliminate the need for the establishment of quotas for processing technical nenarkosoderzhaschey hemp for industrial purposes and withdraw from the application of the Law on Narcotic Drugs, the concept of non-narcotic hemp for industrial purposes", - the expert added.
Daulet Rakhimbekov, deputy head of the operational-search control of the Department of Anti-Narcotics Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan has expressed interest in sharing experiences with the relevant agencies of the Ukrainian colleagues in terms of the rules governing the issue of legislation.
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